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Friday, 19 July 2019

Foods to Eat to Maintain Good Vaginal Health

By Guest Writer, Waire Emonefe

The importance of what we eat to our body cannot be overemphasised. Every organ and cell in our body benefits from or is destroyed by what we eat, and the vagina is not excluded. In fact, one of the reasons for abnormal vaginal discharge is what you eat. So, if you want to keep a healthy vagina, here is some food you should eat.

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·         Yoghourt: The vagina has a natural acidic PH and some of the most helpful foods to keep it working right are foods that have good bacteria. Guess what? Yoghourt is one of such foods. Yoghourts contain probiotics which is good bacteria that lives in your intestines and plays an essential role with things like mood, weight maintenance and balancing the immune system. Probiotics will also help to balance the PH levels in the vagina and keep it fresh: .

·         Cranberries: According to a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a woman who took a cranberry juice pill that was equivalent to two 8-ounce servings of cranberry juice for six weeks after a gynaecological surgery, reduced the rate of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) occurrence by half. This was due to the fact that cranberries contain two major ingredients: fructose and A-type proantocyanidins (PAC). These two ingredients may help prevent UTIs by selecting against more adhesive strains in the stool or directly preventing bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. However, experts advise that if you are going to be drinking cranberry juice then you should also be mindful of your sugar intake as this can also increase the PH levels in your vagina.

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·         Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, which helps strengthen muscle tissues in the vagina which in turn gives you a healthy vaginal wall.

·         Carrots: A study conducted by Harvard Researchers in 2007 found that women who consumed flavonoid luteolin saw a 34% reduced risk of ovarian cancer. Flavonoid Luteolin can be found in carrots, cabbages and peppers.

·         Foods Rich in Vitamin C: Foods rich in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, strawberries are important for boosting the immune system and fighting off infections in the vagina.

·         Bananas: These are one of the top sources of potassium, which helps to counteract foods high in sodium. Salty foods or foods high in sodium can diminish the blood flow to the vagina which in turn will make it more difficult to reach orgasms. They can also make you bloated. So, the potassium from bananas helps to counteract the effects from salty foods that you might have eaten, on your vagina.

·         Garlic: Garlic has antimicrobial properties and can help fight yeast infections. So adding garlic to your meals will not be a bad idea.

·         Nuts: Nuts like almond and peanuts (groundnuts) are rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps the vagina to have strong and healthy walls and muscles. These stronger muscles are essential for delivering a baby. Vitamin E also combats dryness in the vagina area by hydrating the vagina’s mucus membrane, which makes it wetter.

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·         Water: This shouldn’t be surprising. Drinking water consistently can be one of the best things to happen to your vagina. Hydration is good for overall health but especially good for your vaginal health. It aids the vagina in functioning properly especially as it has its own self-cleaning system. Adequate water intake will increase lubrication, allow secretions to be released and maintain proper PH balance of vaginal tissues.

Vaginal health is very important and incorporating these foods to your meal will help you remain healthy “down there”. 

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