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Friday, 28 June 2019

What you need to know About Vaginal Discharge - the Do’s and Don’ts

By Guest Writer, Waire Emonefe

Vaginal discharge is something that women experience on a daily basis with the average female producing around 1 teaspoon every day according to research.  Vaginal discharge comes from the glands inside the vagina and cervix. These glands produce small amount of fluids that are also known as vaginal secretions. The fluid flows out of the vagina each day, cleansing the old cells that have lined the vagina, and it’s completely normal, experts say.

Most at times Vaginal discharge is normal (Photo: Google images)

Friday, 21 June 2019

How the Consumption of Nuts can Help Fight and Prevent Colon Cancer, According to Experts

In today’s world cancer has become one of the most dreaded killers of the human race and modern medicine has yet to put a final solution to its scourge. Among the numerous number of cancers that the health and medical world is saddled with is Colon Cancer. And now scientists and nutritional health experts are of the opinion that nutritional lifestyle may just be the solution to this cancer.

Colon cancer (Photo: Google images)

Thursday, 13 June 2019

You can have Twins naturally by doing this

By Guest Writer, Pharm. Onyeibor Chidinma

Okay! So it was our birthday (my twin and I)...a lot of people didn't know I'm a twin ...and they  were like  "Chidinma...pls I want to give birth to twins" I don't know what my mom did oh...but I know my mom's ancestral line...they have twins. So I guess ours is hereditary ....Gone are the days when women experienced multiple births due to heritage. According to scientists every woman has the tendency of multiple birth can have twins naturally by boosting your ovulation i.e. hyper ovulation, either through diets or certain hormonal drugs. I did a little research on it. But first, how does giving birth to twins happen...?