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Friday, 24 May 2019

How to Lose Weight and Stay Trim and Fit For Life

Just remember that as a car needs fueling to do work or embark on journeys, so also do you need to eat so you can perform your daily tasks. Again, think of it, if a car is not doing any work and the fuel is sitting there idle, you necessarily do not need to fuel it again. So also experts have concluded from research that you do not necessarily need to eat if you are not hungry – especially if you’re looking to losing some of those excess kilograms of flesh or fat. Experts say however, for healthy weight-loss routine, it’s got to be a programme stretched over a period of time.

Check your weight regularly (photo: Google images)

The American National Institutes of Health mathematician and obesity researcher, Kevin Hall says about his studies pertaining to healthy weight-loss, “Our findings strongly suggest that weight-loss programmes should not be short-term efforts…, Rather, they take persistent lifestyle changes. The primary determinant of success is sustained adherence to healthy changes in diet and physical activity.”

Experts say you must start to take charge of or eradicate your uncontrollable urge to eat even when you are not hungry. Thus it is time to master your urge and even eliminate every manner of addiction that may add to building up your weight. In as much as you are not to expect magic in a few days, still, they say it does not really have to take a life time to achieve your desired proper weight that makes you happy with yourself - which is very important. The followings are highly researched tips on how you can shed that extra weight and stay fit for life.
  1. Consume food rich in protein during breakfast
Studies have shown that consuming breakfast that is rich in protein has the ability to lessen your urge for more food as well as calorie intake for the rest of the day.
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  1. Keep off sugary drinks and packaged juices
These types of foods and drinks are not exactly what they tend to make you feel. Rather, they are the highest offenders when it comes to putting on unnecessary weight. If you can do away with them you are already on your way to making headway.
  1. Get a good drink of water at least thirty minutes before meal
From research, drinking water at least 30 minutes prior to taking your main meal is able to enhance your weight loss programme and achieve your desired weight even in about three months’ time by as much as 44 percent.
  1. Stick with foods that boost weight loss
If you are keen on losing excess fat in your body you have got to keep to a particular set of foods that will enhance your weigh loss regimen. Some of these include avocado pear, green leafy vegetables, fish, egg, boiled potatoes, nuts, whole grains, etc.
  1. Consume plenty of soluble fibre 
Also, soluble fibres are endowed by nature to help you cut down on fat, particularly around your abdomen. You can as well purchase fibre supplements such as glucomannan from your supermarket to aid your intake.
Whole foods are rich in fibre (Photo: Google images)

  1. Take tea or coffee
If you love coffee or tea, then you are free to take as much as you want because the presence of the caffeine contained in these beverages gives them the ability to help your system in digestion and absorption of foods by 3–11%.
  1. Consume more of whole, unprocessed foods
Most of your foods should be based on wholeness i.e. unprocessed foods. Such foods contain all the natural food substances that make for healthy living; they’re also more filling so that you get satisfied easily.
  1. Do not rush your food while eating
In the course of time you will gain unnecessary weight if you are fond of this habit while slowing down enables you to be filled more easily, so you do not gain unwanted weight. 
  1. Weigh yourself every day 
According to research, if you are somewhat conscious of your weight and check it regularly, you’re very likely to maintain a good weight in the end.
Quality night sleep is so vital (Photo: Google images)

  1. Get a good night's sleep, every night 
Ensure every night to get a good sleep – in terms of both quality and length. Poor sleep is one big reason some people put on unnecessary weight, therefore a good sleep is very vital.

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