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Friday, 17 May 2019

Eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables; enjoy the full health benefits of nature

Obviously, you don't have to be a vegetarian to be healthy. But according to an expert food nutritionist, Dr. Ann Kulze, if you are looking for a quick and simple way to boost the nutritional health of your meals, one sure way you can achieve that is by the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Take full advantage of nature (Source: Google images)

Experts say there is really no proof to show that vegetarians are healthier or live longer than people who eat a combination of this with animal products, but the fact from numerous research efforts prove however, that the healthiest people undeniably are in the habit of consuming a large amount of fresh, organic, raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables.

If you had the choice to do just one thing concerning your diet, it should be for you to consume about four pieces of fresh fruit each day including a good serving of raw salads made up of plenty of vegetables. 

Dr. Ann Kulze states that fruits and vegetables are so essential to your life in that they aid in the maintenance of a truly healthy body. “Fruits and vegetables are the universal ‘life-preserver’ foods. I consider them the magic bullet foods when it comes to lifelong success with body weight. The bottom line is: the more the better. Any improvement you can make by including more fruits and vegetables in your day is well worth it,” Kulze said. 

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Note carefully however, that when it comes to canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, you need to be extra vigilant and wary. Food and drug administrators have warned about the issue of prepackaged meals, packaged foods and beverages as they are usually found to contain added salt as well as sugar.
Experts advise that the only real difference you can make in your diets is by adding fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. It is even a popular notion among nutritional health exerts that a lot of medical conditions would become things of the past if only you adopt this lifestyle behaviour. But in the real sense of it, this inclusion should mainly be made up of organic (grown without artificial fertilizers) fruits and vegetables, and many at times uncooked. Nevertheless, cooked non-organic fruits and vegetables are still preferable than none at all.

According to numerous studies available to us the followings are some of the immense health benefits you may be surprised to learn are loaded in fruits and vegetables.

Boosts Heart health

Food packed with vegetables can reduce your risk for cardiovascular ill health. Potassium, which is available in bananas for instance, will help your body sustain a good blood pressure. Also, the dietary fibre that is obtainable in vegetables can help to reduce the levels of blood cholesterol thereby reducing your risk of heart disease. The more fruits and vegetables you consume with your diet the more you reduce the risk of heart disease.

Keep a good heart - love nature

Stave off risk of Cancer

Through research we have been made to understand that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is capable of decreasing the risk of certain cancers. A good number of fruits such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, soursop, and many more, have proven cancer-fighting properties in them. Also, lycopene present in tomatoes has been found to help protect men against coming down with prostate cancer.

Better Eyesight

Studies show that if you stock your system always with diet rich in fruits and vegetables you’re very likely to avoid contracting cataracts as well as macular degeneration. Researchers have said that lutein and zeaxanthin (yellow carotenoid pigments) – vital food chemicals found in certain plant foods may be the reason for the great benefits on vision.
Care for your eyes - eat natural (Source: Google images)

Checks Diabetes

You just cannot underestimate the power inherent in green leafy vegetables and fruits, experts say. The risk of diabetes has for long been associated with the non-consumption of these natural goodies. Also, it has been understood through research that making berries part of your diet is capable of reducing your risk of Type2 diabetes.

Improves the Digestive system

The boost your digestive system is able to achieve through the consumption of plentiful fruits and vegetables is directly due to the food fibre richly packed in these natural foods. Also, remember to drink plenty of water too as you eat; together with your food fibre you will be able to keep away constipation, and lead a comfortable and healthy life, experts say.

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