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Friday, 23 November 2018

How to get rid of fatigue using natural approach, and get your energy back

People can become tired for many different reasons, and as a result, there are also various ways to remedy the situation. The truth about tiredness or fatigue is that it is also one and the same as: reduced vigour, physical or mental exhaustion, or the absence of drive or stimulus. The factors that give rise to tiredness can be psychological, physiological, or physical, experts say.

Full of life and vigour

Fatigue or loss of strength is a common medical issue that is likely to hamper your quality of life. Nevertheless, in spite of the various possible causative factors, in times of diagnosing tiredness or fatigue, it is rare to precisely point to a medical disorder as being the reason. 
Conversely, mood and anxiety disorders many at times have usually been linked with tiredness or general debility, experts say. Also, studies have found that once you hit the middle age, you are likely to start having the feeling, but good news is that there are natural ways experts have employed to enable you reclaim your energy; sometimes these methods even slow down the ageing process.

Here are some natural tips to help boost your energy and stave off fatigue.

Even if you feel tired – still go ahead and do your Exercises
Even if you feel tired experts say, you ought still to embark on your exercise; and as a rule, when you exercise your body is able to rest well because you tend to sleep better. Studies have shown that this avails your body cells of an increased supply of energy to burn and transport oxygen throughout your system. Also, exercising makes your body to let out epinephrine as well as norepinephrine - stress hormones that requires just small quantities to make you strong. You can even start out with brisk walking, experts say.
Still do your exercise always

Try Meditation                                        
Have you tried a process of continuous and deep thought or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a profound or complex nature? This is called meditation. Be it on religious/ spiritual matters or ordinarily, meditation has been found to be efficacious. Again, a wise man once said, "the habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge." Meditation helps to clear your head and boost your energy according to experts.
Drink plenty of Water - stave off dehydration

Obviously the best drink in the world – water, is the only nutrient that according to studies is able to enhance performance for all time. If your body is lacking in fluids, one of the first things you’d notice is loss of strength.

Go to Bed early/ restrict your sleep
Not having enough sleep raises the risk of accidents and feeling worn out throughout the day. Experts say all you need do is go to bed early enough and have a full night sleep. They also state that when you are able to sleep as long as you want, you will definitely wake up feeling stronger, with no tiredness. However, you’re advised not to take a nap for more than 30 minutes during the day.
Take more of Fish (or take fish oil supplements)
Omega-3 fatty oil which is loaded in oily fish is very heart healthy, and will increase your alertness. Your mental alertness as well as vigour will be boosted if you continue on this.
Eat more often (little at a time)
Research shows that you’re better off eating small amounts of food and snacks every few hours than having three large meals in the day. This method is capable of reducing your understanding and feeling of exhaustion for the reason that your brain desires a stable and constant supply of nutrients.
Shed extra weight
Shedding that extra weight could very well enhance your energy levels according to experts. They say merely reducing a small amount of fat in your body can greatly enhance your mood, strength and improve your quality of life. But also, you’re required to always eat balanced meals and add some exercise with it or more physical activity.
Control stress
According to studies, if you become emotional due to stress, you lose a good amount of energy. You will need to talk with a friend or relative, or even join a support group to share issues. Also, you may wish to consult with an expert like a psychotherapist to lessen your stress. Again, experts say that one of the most important causes of fatigue is overwork; this may be in the course of career, family, and social commitments. Try prioritising your activities in the line of importance. Seek assistance, or learn to delegate duties to others.
Reduce alcohol intake
One of the best actions to adopt in mid-day to tackle fatigue is to do away with alcohol during lunch periods because the downing effect of it is usually strong in the afternoon. In the same vein, keep away from a five o'clock alcohol combination if you value your energy levels in the evening.
Take advantage of Caffeine
Caffeine content in your beverages experts say, is capable of increasing your mental alertness, in which a drink of coffee for instance, is able to give you the mental energy you need for immediate tasks. A word of caution though, as research shows that caffeine can induce insomnia or sleeplessness at night particularly if you take large doses beyond 2 p.m. It has also been shown through research, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, that a nap followed by a cup of coffee may provide an even bigger energy boost.

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