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Monday, 12 November 2018

How to boost Your Sex Drive and Improve Fertility with Aphrodisiac Foods

Research shows that through the centuries various foods have been used successfully as aphrodisiacs, and even to enhance fertility. It is a statement of fact that you are what you eat; your foods act to make you who you are as well as how the various parts of your body function, including your moods – sex life and fertility. Experts say about 15% of couples are down with problems of infertility, and today scientific research has over time shown that diet and lifestyle changes can greatly improve both mood and fertility of men and women by as much as 69%.

Certain foods can keep the flame on (Source: Google images)

Take Breakfast like a King
Severally, breakfast has been identified as the most important meal of the day; for this reason nutritional health experts advise you give yourself a treat during breakfast – eat like a king. And most especially for women, experts advocate eating a considerable amount since it has been found to boost their fertility and help achieve pregnancy.
It is discovered that women who ate larger breakfasts ovulated 30% more than those who consumed a smaller breakfast and larger dinner, which is a marker for improvement in fertility.
Avocado Pear

Even the shape of this highly nutritious fruit - avocado pear, experts say is psychologically linked with sexuality. Besides, avocado is loaded with folic acid, Vitamin B6 and potassium which also up your immune system and keep you strong and healthy.

The right foods can get the mood going (Source: Google images)


Basil comes in a few common varieties - well known in Nigeria being the local variety called Nchanwu by the Igbo or Efirin by the Yoruba. The other of course is the (highly fragrant) sweet basil popularly referred to as curry leaf by Nigerians. Studies show that the highly aromatic sweet basil is capable of giving a boost to your romantic life because it is a very effective aphrodisiac condiment or spice used for cooking.


This sweet yellowish liquid produced by bees is loaded with boron which is a trace element that aids your system in making use of and metabolising oestrogen, the female sex hormone. From research it is also evident that boron could possibly as well boost testosterone levels in your blood, which plays a major role in enhancing sex drive and enabling both sexes reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Also, honey is loaded with B vitamins which are required for testosterone production, in addition to other nutrients, enzymes and important food chemicals.


This aromatic bulb used in seasoning is a herb native to southern Europe and widely naturalised; it breaks up into separate strong-flavoured cloves. Garlic is strong smelling and packed full with allicin, a food chemical that promotes the flow of blood and therefore very helpful in fertility and sexuality.


Also, the shape of this sweet fruit is very much attached to sexuality and, or the phallus. Characteristically required for sexuality and fertility, bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium as well as B Vitamins. This is in addition to chelating minerals together with the bromeliad enzyme, which is believed to increase or boost a man’s sex drive or physical attraction.

Foods for better sex and fertility (Source: Google images)

Cocoa or dark Chocolate

Cocoa in its purest form has for long been recognised as a leader in natural aphrodisiacs. Dark chocolate or anything nearest to pure cocoa especially is rich with active chemicals such as the one experts call psychoactive feel-good chemical – anandamide, as well as the one referred to as the love chemical – phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA lets off dopamine in the pleasure centres of your brain, and at orgasm it is said to reach its highest levels. PEA aids in arousal as well as attraction and high elation. Also, the tryptophan in cocoa is a vital aspect of the neurotransmitter called serotonin which greatly boosts a feeling of goodness while enabling you to relax.

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