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Friday, 22 June 2018

Sex in pregnancy can benefit mother and child; sex positions for expectant mothers

Most women prior to the time of becoming pregnant usually would think that when they become pregnant their entire life is bound for a whole lot of strange developments. But experts say if you have been having wonderful sex before your pregnancy test proved positive, it is not a good reason to put a stop to your life of fun. In fact they say this is the time to even make it a point of duty - on a daily basis, for the health benefit of the mother-to-be and baby, and even the man.

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But there is also one major worry mothers-to-be often have; they want to know if the developing baby will feel the effect of love making. You do not have to entertain any fear because the activity of sexual intercourse will not disturb the baby or cause your water to break, experts say.

This is because the amniotic sac in addition to the uterine muscles will generally gently hold your growing unborn child in place; as such it will almost not notice anything going on. Also, in the event of an orgasm, you might just notice a little bit of kicking afterwards; this is due to increased circulation which is a great thing because it makes your baby to begin to move even better.

In addition to many other benefits, intercourse at this time helps you to get improved sleep, and experience more and better orgasms. As a matter of fact, Dr. Chris Agboghoroma, Chief Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at National Hospital, Abuja, recommends frequent sex, stating that it hastens labour for women experiencing prolonged or post-dated pregnancy.

From expert studies, it has been discovered that a good number of partners of pregnant women even see the numerous changes that occur in their pregnant partner’s body as sexy and stimulating. It is true that on the other hand, some other men could become uneasy due to your changing body shape.

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Many women in this stage may become overly self-conscious from time to time, and this is likely to put your partner off a little bit. But this can be taken care of when you take time to talk about your feelings and actually experiment with new things (positions) with your spouse. This will go a long way to reinforce your union during this unique and amazing period.

And talking about ‘positions’, since your body is undergoing changes, you may just have to try for a few occasions before you’re clearly able to discover the most comfortable position for you. Experts prescribe the following positions:

1.    The woman stays atop her partner, so that she is able to control the depth of penetration. This helps completely avoid any added weight of the man to the woman’s stomach, and the man is able to support her protruding tummy.

2.    Perhaps this is the time to discover another way to enjoy your highly loved chair around the house. It will be fun to sit on your partner’s lap while he’s sitting down. This position is important also in that it does not put any additional weight on the womb while giving you (the woman) the ability to control the depth of penetration.

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3.    Why not give a bit of spooning a try? You should lie side by side with your husband so he can enter you from the rear; this will make for shallow penetration without stressing your midsection. This position has been discovered to be more comfortable for many an expectant mother, especially all through the latter stages of pregnancy.

Health care professionals actually endorse sex as a very healthy act during pregnancy, however, in the event of high-risk pregnancy, you should be very careful. If in doubt ensure to consult your doctor; he/ she is likely to advise you to discontinue with having sex at instances such as the followings: If you have placenta previa or low-lying placenta that covers part of or your entire cervix; your partner has sexually transmitted infection; or you’re experiencing bleeding or discharge you simply do not understand.

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