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Friday, 29 June 2018

Growing up: How Teenagers can lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Obviously, growing old reminds you of the important need to begin to look into your health and reorder your lifestyle. But even at that, your teenage years are equally as vital for you to address those important health needs as they crop up. Dr. Karen Browner-Elhanan is an expert in adolescent medicine, and readily offers vital tips on how young adults can maintain a vibrant health strategy.

Tips for adolescent health
Your overall health goes beyond your physical, mental, emotional and behavioural well-being. It is very important you do all that is within your capacity to stay healthy. But experts say there are particular issues that teenagers are expected to take particular note of.
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While we all should do what we can to stay healthy, there are some things teens should pay special attention to. You should do all you can to make sure the young people around you stick to the following healthy behaviours:
·         Exercise regularly: Something around 60 minutes of being physically active in a day will be just okay.
·         Eat healthy: Studies show that you need to consume plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein and low-fat dairy foods; these will aid in contributing to your growth and overall development.
·         Good weight: Experts have discovered also that children who are overweight are most of the time prone to also becoming obese in their later life. This predisposes them also to contracting chronic diseases as well as depression.
·         Get enough sleep: Many a young adult experts say, will normally require between nine and nine and half hours of sleep each night, even if many only get an average of about seven. Sleep helps you to achieve enhanced concentration and performance in school and at work.

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·         Vaccinations: It is important also to ensure you align with your vaccination requirements like having the flu shot, and HPV vaccine.
·         Manage that stress: In as much as you cannot totally eliminate stress from your life, it’s equally so vital you understand healthy approaches to managing it.

Points to note when it comes to health for adolescents
You should talk with your teenagers about the followings to enable them understand the importance of healthy choices:
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·         Is there an effect of my decisions today on my health in the future?
·         Completely so! Most of deaths in adults are as a result of heart disease, cancer and stroke. Many at times, these ailments, experts say are avoidable and the lifestyles that can help avoid these diseases start at a young age. For instance, adolescents that use tobacco are more likely to contract heart problems or cancer in adulthood.

·         Are there health issues that are particular to young people? Some of the major reasons young people and young adults die are car accidents and unintended injuries. Teenagers ought always to wear a seat belt as well as other suitable safety apparatus such as a helmet. Risky conducts like alcohol or tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle and unprotected sex cannot only endanger your present health, but also your health as adults. Depression is another major cause of sickness and disability in teenagers. It’s essential to be familiar with the signs of depression and look for help when in necessary.

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Are there common reasons teenagers might need to see an expert for?
·         Every injury, sicknesses or health issues should be attended to by a young person’s care provider.
·         Blood pressure and BMI ought to be checked every one or two years.
·         Immunisations should also be updated, in addition to getting the flu shot each year.
·         Every youngster should also look for help from a care provider if they have gone through emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or issues with drugs or alcohol.

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