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Friday, 6 October 2017

Water as the source of life; its importance to the health of men

Health experts would normally recommend you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day - to help your body's biological processes, especially carrying nutrients to cells, and for the purpose of getting rid of wastes from your body. The US Institute of Medicine (IOM) urges men to drink roughly 3.7 litres (about 16 cups) of water a day, while women are to consume 2.7 litres (about 12 cups) of water daily.

Also, eighty percent of your entire fluid intake should come from drinking water and other beverages, (but not soft drinks, coffee, or alcohol). The remaining 20% is required to be sourced from foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which are usually made up of say between 70% to 95% water.

Experts say your need for water depends on many factors, such as your health, your level of activity, and where you stay or reside. Thirst alone is normally not enough as a guide for when to drink (water). Unknowing to most, by the time you become thirsty, you may already have become somewhat dehydrated! Studies show that it is highly required for older adults to drink water before they become thirsty; this is because your sense of thirst is a bit reduced as you get older.
Studies have proven also that water increases your rate of metabolism, frees your body of poisons, and generally aids your system in the smooth running of things. Science reveals that an adult male is normally made up of 60% water, and rightfully so. Water is highly needed to help your body digest your food, carry out blood circulation, prevent your mouth from going dry, and so many other things we regularly take for granted. And so you do not have to wait until you are thirsty before drinking water – just go ahead and drink!

Drinking water helps you also to put up with more pain. By not drinking water or making it part of your daily diet can cause well known conditions like tiredness. According to a study published in the journal Psychophysiology, taking in much of liquid beverage can in fact help in keeping your tolerance for pain going.

The fact about water is that it remains your healthiest drink option. Most of the popular beverage choices you see have nothing to offer in terms of nutritional value. Soft drinks for instance, are mostly liquefied sugar, and most of the so-called (packaged) fruit juices surprisingly belong in the same category.

Water keeps your brain in optimum shape; it enables the brain make electrical energy to keep synapses in top form, nerves working sharp, and glands that make hormones (such as testosterone) to carry out their functions so you can think, and also sustain an erection!

It is water that gives power to your muscles; it provides the needed energy so you are able to carry or lift up heavy objects. Water also sustains the strength of your muscles such that even a tiny 1.5% reduction in hydration levels can cause loss of vigour.

Water helps your liver perform well; it makes the blood thin so it becomes easier for the liver to filter out readily dangerous substances such as could be contained in alcohol, drugs, germs, and pollutants that could easily poison your system.

Water sustains and keeps your skin alive and healthy. If your skin is starved of water it becomes tight, dry, and wrinkled; eventually cracks build up in cell walls making way for easy infection.

Water helps to mobilise your small intestine – the way an internal garden hose does. The small intestine then delivers water around your body, transporting molecules such as amino acids, sugars, and fats which your cells need to stay alive.

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