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Thursday, 29 June 2017

What Men Must Do to Stay Healthy; the Dos and Don’ts of a Healthy Lifestyle

Experts have always stressed the importance of cultivating a healthy lifestyle especially for a man to keep in tip-top condition. This of course, including ensuring your diet is balanced at all times and loaded with fruits and vegetables also would normally incorporate a regimen of regular exercise. When you visit your doctor you should be ready to get a list of recommendations especially if you are opportune to meet with a nutritional health expert in addition. And so be ready to be completely honest; this will enable them to accurately assess your health issues.

Exercise is very crucial

About your doctor sounding judgmental sometimes – they’re only human. But this is for your own good, and there cannot be any stigma when you interact freely with your doctor. Besides, they have ‘sworn’ to keep your secrets secret except when you permit them to share them with relatives or friends. When you are completely open to your healthcare provider you give them limitless access to resources and treatment options, hence they cannot help you beyond what they know.

As a result you should expect a baggage of dos and don’ts from your physician: Chief among these is the use of tobacco. Tobacco consumption has been noted for a series of harmful health effects; they include such as heart disease and stroke, to many other forms of cancers. Many at times, fear may be used as a way of discouraging your indulgence in this and other forms of unhealthy habits. Sometimes this method will work and some other times it may just not work. In this case forms of support rather than coercion need be employed; at other times communication and motivation or counselling will come in handy.
Recent research in the US shows that tobacco damages the body in a matter of minutes after a smoke and not after years. A report published in Chemical Research in Toxicology, states that the chemicals which cause cancer form very quickly after smoking. It is not too late to quit.

It is alright however if your first attempt or second attempt fails to achieve the goal – your doctor or therapist will tell you, but you should not feel like it will never work. Nicotine for instance is a highly addictive substance. It might take multiple trials before you quit especially with conventional therapy, and so you must never give up. Experts say you may have to team up with a friend or family member which makes quitting (together) very helpful.
So many people are hooked on alcohol or given to it just as in social drinking; if you do not in any way fall into any of these, happy are you then. But again experts say there is nothing wrong with moderation which is like no more than two drinks a day for an adult male. There is no need overemphasising the fact that heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages puts you in danger of vehicular accidents, other risks as well as liver damage.

The Alcohol Health Alliance, an umbrella organisation for a number of health charities and experts in the UK, says people need to bear it in mind that they are romancing with cancer and other dangers as they indulge in the wine, and relish the beer.

Healthy eating

In Nigeria as in many parts of the world, alcohol abuse has been known to be a major cause of preventable death, and men account for most of those deaths, records show. Drinking can also lead to work absenteeism as well as relationship problems. So much of valuable income especially for low income earners in Nigeria, is lost to irresponsible drinking. But if you are not able to control your drinking habit, it is extremely advisable you talk to your healthcare provider or addiction therapist about it.

Trans-fats also can be linked to heart disease; in Nigeria we are not good at reading food labels, and food labels may not even be reliable. But generally experts advice you avoid as much as possible these fats as may be found in many of your fried snacks such as potato chips, and such oils as has been hydrogenated including margarines." You should keep off these foods in addition to sugary drinks and mineral drinks. They are loaded with sugar and have virtually no nutritional value; they can actually help you put on unnecessary weight because of the huge calories they pack.

If you experience any form of depression or anxiety please do not mask it or brave it. Sometimes it is just natural in life; it is not just you. But your doctor can help a great deal. You may need treatments which can vary from talking/therapy, to medications, to just getting more sunlight and exercise. Do you suffer from some specific symptoms? Tell it to your doctor as well.

Beef up your testosterone

Studies show that by the time many men first talk to their doctor concerning erectile dysfunction, they must have harboured the issues for months or even years. What it does to you is that it must have affected you and your relationships adversely. Our streets and media are awash with medications and supplements advertised to provide solution to your problem rightly or wrongly. But the important thing is that you must first of all open up that line of conversation.

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