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Friday, 30 September 2016

Mediterranean Type Diet Fights Cardiovascular Disease; Helps You Live Longer, Healthier

As I delve into this topic I wish to make reference again to a previous discussion on eating and living healthy. It refers to the popular biblical story, when the four Hebrew boys vehemently refused to ‘partake of the King’s sumptuous meal’ – being made up of obviously assorted meat dripping with fat, etc, which contrast heavily with the Mediterranean type diet we shall be discussing. They instead requested to be served only fruits and vegetables, and nuts. And they excelled in ‘looking good’, we were told. 
Olive oil - the central object of Mediterranean diet
Now, the Mediterranean is the largest inland sea; it lies between Europe and Africa, and Asia. The people living around this location are famous for their much admired (dietary) lifestyle. The people for one thing, have been known to live long and suffer rarely from some of the most dreaded and debilitating and sometimes terminal diseases we all know. Recently scientific researchers have begun to unearth some of the basic truths about the dietary habits of the people vis-à-vis how it shapes their overall health.