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Friday, 15 July 2016

Laughter the Best Medicine - the many Health benefits of Positive Amusement

In Nigeria today laughter has somewhat become a high selling commodity perhaps due to the need to wade through the economic hard times. Laughter they say is the best medicine; you’d also have heard the saying – “laugh and grow fat”.

Yes, in the midst of the daunting challenges the average Nigerian goes through on a daily basis, he still manages to smile and laugh. Sometimes I believe that the average Nigerian has been coerced to develop even a morbid sense of humour as well all in the bid to pull through, which is rather a backlash of an abuse of the same ‘drug’ called laughter. Yet, laughing is one of the highly beneficial behaviours you can partake for yourself. But in utilising the healing ingredients inherent in laughter, it must be of a positive amusement. Scornful laughter never gives you any benefits health wise; healing is found only in a genuine hearty disposition.

Laughter is curative