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Friday, 1 July 2016

Living Plants and the health Benefits of having plants in Your Environment

When I first moved into where I now live in Lagos it used to be a thing of joy strolling around the immediate vicinity in the cool of the evenings. My street was lined with pine trees that had weaver birds nestling all over it; the street was a natural, quiet and winding country lane where you enjoyed chirping bird songs, and the swaying pines amidst the evening breeze. Thus the shades the trees provided complimented the scenic beauty. But this was not to last for long because a ‘wealthy’ new neighbour soon moved into the environment and decided to cut down and uproot all the trees just because he needed to construct a perimeter fence around the piece of land and property he had acquired. But, he could easily have left the trees out, or included them in his plans!

Nature comes with its healing essence