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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Dangers of Skin Lightening and the Risk of Internal Organ Failure, Cancer

Dermatologists have continued to warn Nigerians on the health risks posed by the use of dangerous and poisonous soaps and creams all in the name of skin lightening. According to Dr. Bola Ogunbiyi who is the President of Nigerian Association of Dermatology - Nigerians especially the ladies run the risk of permanent skin damage as well as internal organ destruction if they continue on this dangerous trend of bleaching themselves through the use of skin lightening creams and soaps.

Skin bleaching (photo - courtesy of

She noted that many Nigerians in the bid to look fair embark on the use of these dangerous products to achieve this in the name of ‘toning’. She said every product that is marked or labelled as ‘toning cream’ or soap is harmful to your health.