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Monday, 11 January 2016

How to Get Your Libido Back and Keep It through Proper Diet

By psychoanalysis, libido is a Freudian term for sexual urge or desire; it is a prominent aspect of physical attraction (for the opposite sex). As a man (or woman) your libido could be everything to you. So many relationships could, and have been very turbulent if your natural sexual drive or appetite is topsy-turvy or even in the worst case scenario, non-existent. Many have suffered long silently due to ignorance, but expert studies have proven that most of the time the right nutritional behaviour can very well be where your master stroke is hiding. And so you can rediscover your libido and even permanently keep it.

Rekindle the fire - change your diet. Photo credit:
According to a health expert on Natural Healing Alternatives, Dr. Leye Popoola, the type of food consumed by men, and their health status can play a major role in their masculinity as well as in their sexual and reproductive health. It is important therefore to note that a man’s strength of sexuality is influenced directly or indirectly by the type of foods he eats; there is a great need for every man to ensure he gets the maximum benefits from his meals by consuming plenty of foods that contain muscle and blood building nutrients. This is where your ‘strength’ lies.