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Friday, 26 August 2016

Much of Red Meat and Processed Meat Products are Dangerous: May Reduce Your Lifespan

Some people may be thinking this is another hyped propaganda coming from one of those vegetarian groups who have something to sell; but believe it or not, too much of red meat and especially processed red meat products can certainly cut down your lifespan – experts have confirmed!

Red meat stuff can be tempting, but sometimes harmful

These days you probably would have heard some bit of this bad news concerning red meat, but that is not to say red meat in its entirety is bad. No! Red meat still has a lot of goodness in it; it contains plenty of body nourishing stuff, but the truth you must swallow is that studies conducted over the years have confirmed one thing: If you consume a lot of this delicious stuff, then you are certainly courting trouble for your heart, your colon, your blood pressure as well as your brain, etc.

No matter how tempting – because it is really tempting, this red stuff, you must discipline yourself. I pass by barbecue stands almost on a daily basis and my word, it is tempting. Yes, truth be told, hot fresh and smoking Suya from the ‘malams’ is delicious! But there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself once in a while like has been stated earlier. Bacon, Sausages, refreshing Salami, and Hot Dogs can be irresistible, but my friends, you have got to choose between satisfying your tongue and safeguarding your life.

Do not endanger your heart

The fact remains that, for instance, averagely any additional plate or chunk of your favourite red meat which is of course filled with saturated fat, is linked with a 13% higher risk of losing your life in the long run i.e. sooner than normal. Experts have therefore emphasised that red meat, and especially processed red meat products such as hot dogs, bacon, and salami are particularly dangerous to your health.

I see people by now throwing their arms up in the air and lamenting: So, what are we now supposed to eat? But do not delude yourself; swallow the bitter pill and live! And you ask, what is the remedy? Surely, you have great and equally delicious but most importantly, better nourishing alternatives all around you. You should rather eat more fish, poultry, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. After all, numerous studies have shown that these are very likely to decrease your risk of dying young.

Prevent arteriosclerosis

Dr. Mozaffarian is a renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist, and has done extensive studies on the subject matter, and he states that the biggest dangers are posed by the consumption of certain types of red meat – processed meat. He elaborates with the examples of those in the class of sausages, harm, bacon, salami as well.

A research report published in the 57th International Congress of meat Science and technology (Vol 89, Issue 3, Nov 2011) states that “The effect of meat consumption on cancer risk is a controversial issue. However, recent meta-analyses show that high consumers of cured meats and red meat are at increased risk of colorectal cancer”. It further goes to recommend that you should “eat less than 500 g red meat /week and avoid processed meat.

Inflammation can lead to arthritis

Thus, you have to protect your organs from the destructive effects of inflammation which among other factors, red (processed) meat can also do to you, including brain ageing, etc. And so instead of beleaguering your organs such as the brain and heart with these unnecessary burdens, why not help it by enjoying Omega-3 fatty acid rich diets like oily fishes, walnuts, etc. For as Gary Small, M.D., director of the UCLA Longevity Centre says. “Omega-3 fatty acids help combat inflammation. Bottom line is – eat red meat with wisdom; make it a once in a while attitude while enjoying safer and better alternatives.

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