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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Beekeeping and Honey Production - the Health & Sweet Rewards

It is funny, but in Nigeria if you announce yourself as one who keeps bees you are bound to get a strange look most of the time. Yes, the reality is that most Nigerians are yet to understand that beekeeping and honey production is just like any other occupation or business. This notion is worsened by the fact that some people have come to attach mysteries to bees – trust the overly religious Nigerian. But at the same time they’d love to have (original) honey for consumption.

A bee going for nectar

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Benefits of Eating Fresh Foods, Fruits and Vegetables

In Nigeria it is a normal practice to cook food and store in the refrigerator so you do not need to cook every day. But this is even out of fashion these days because of the epileptic power supply in the country. And so what do you do? As a result people have now resorted even to a worse routine – heating up and re-heating food so it does not go sour. But this pattern only helps in killing off most of the vital nutrients especially vitamins and antioxidants that you require for healthy living. And then, we buy fruits and also store them on the shelf or locker. Expert nutritionists say this is no right either.

Eat fresh foods