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Friday, 22 April 2016

How to lose Belly Fat and Live a Healthier, Longer Life

Have you noticed men who fasten their belts below their belly; when you stand are you still able to see your feet? If you usually fasten your belt below your waist or tummy or loosen your belt when you want to eat, experts say it is just a way of hiding your gut problems. The part of the alimentary canal lying between the stomach and the anus is the area you really want to pay attention to. And so if this picture looks like you, you had better start doing something fast about it.

Belly fat

Truth is your gut needs clearing out. You could begin by grabbing a tape rule and measuring the size of your body just at the level of your belly button or navel. Rejoice if the reading shows a number that is less than half of your height. Experts say for instance if your height is 6 feet (1.8m), then there is a need for you to keep your waist under 3 feet or 36 inches (90cm); the measurement around your waist ought to be put under half of your height.

But if to avoid or prevent the incident of heart attacks and diabetes is not enough motivation for you to deal with your gut and clean out all that unnecessary rubbish in that system, then you may want to consider seriously one more point: At every point in time that your body mass index (BMI) exceeds say 25, you should expect that your testosterone level equally drops by about 3 per cent, and this, experts say does not portray your manliness in any good light.

From recent studies however, scientists say guts bacteria which are a set of useful bacteria (probiotics) that live within that region go to aid metabolism; they play a lot of role in the needed process of burning belly fat while also helping to bolster your immune capacity. According to Dr. Helene Savignac, Brain Research Manager at Clasado Research Services who has published a number of studies on the link between probiotics and stress, the fact is that “reports mention that as much as 60-70 per cent of the immune system is based in the gut.”

Flat tummy

This is saying that stress might also be a culprit in the problem of bulging stomach.
You may be asking, ‘how do I solve this problem?’ But the followings are what you can do to help the situation even though scientific studies have also identified stress as having a strong link with both your brain functions and the activities that go on in your gut.

Get good sleep
You need to find a way to get enough quality sleep. If you are the one to want to always give excuses about why you cannot get the required eight hours of sleep each day, experts say you should be interested to know that inadequacy or disturbed sleep will definitely hinder your physical activities during the day; apart from this, it will also interest you to know that your nervous functions, hormone production and metabolism will also be slowed down or impaired by your not getting enough of sleep. This of course will leave its toll on your gut leading to bloating of the stomach. 

When you sleep well your brain and body will function at peak performance thereby turning away body or belly fat more effectively.
We must always bear in mind the significant role of probiotics in metabolism leading to a healthy maintenance of your gut. “The bacteria that reside in the gut appear to play an important role and are able to communicate with the central nervous system - notably through neural, endocrine (hormonal) and immune pathways,” says Dr. Helene Savignac.

Go on exercises
And of course apart from physical activity helping to tone up your muscles and joints as well as pepping up your metabolism, there is also a great need for you to embark on simple exercises on a daily basis. Experts recommend at least three 5 minutes of vigorous exercises per day for at least five days of the week; this will get your heart to pump more and also go a long way to burning off any unnecessary belly fat.

Exercise for flat tummy

Here are also a few other ways you can exercise even out of your very busy schedule these days: You can embark on an on-the-spot running; jog around (the parking lot, your neighbourhood), or make use of the skipping rope, all for just about five minutes. You can also choose to dance for five minutes or do seat squats from where you are. You can as well take on brisk walking as it will equally work up your system to enable it burn up your belly fat.

Eat healthy
What else can you do? Well, experts say you can just ensure that your metabolism is working optimally by whatever means; some of these apart from the methods mentioned above include, eating a wholesome healthy diet. This will normally involve diets rich in natural fibre. You can obtain this from especially whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Eat healthy with plenty of vegetables, and fruits

Take plenty of water

You can also improve your metabolism work rate by ensuring that you are always well hydrated by drinking a good amount of water daily. And lastly, experts say you must make out time to relax simply because stress is your devout gut enemy.

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