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Friday, 6 November 2015

How Olive Oil Unblocks Your Arteries, Lowers Blood Pressure & Promotes Healthy Heart

Good oil means good heart

Sometime ago, I walked into a supermarket and bought a bottle of Olive Oil (not the usual small 88.7 mil); it was the bigger bottle of this precious oil that I took away. And so on getting to the office with this bottle amongst other items I had, my colleague gave me the same kind of strange look that I got when I was picking up this bottle of Olive oil from the shop. My colleague asked what I was going to do with that (big) bottle of Olive Oil: “Are you now a pastor?” he asked. And the blunt truth is that I tried so hard to resist being embarrassed by this question. But following this reaction which is a typical reflection of the thinking and understanding of the average Nigerian, I had to equally seize the opportunity to educate all those who were in that room on that day.

Great health with good natural living