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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How to Treat, Prevent High Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack through Water Therapy

Water therapy might sound novel or even funny, but the truth is that it has been a secret some people have been living with for many centuries. For instance, it is a popular habit of the Chinese and their oriental cousins - the Japanese, to drink (hot) water after each meal. Remember that so many today, especially the nouveau-riche even in developing economies like Nigeria, are in the habit of taking instead so-called fruit juices. So many today are suffering and they have been told there is no cure or permanent help for their ailments such as hypertension, yet they are not able to help themselves through some of the many natural endowments that abound such as water.
Drink (water) and be merry

So many are also hamstrung by the fact that it can be expensive to manage their ailments; – that is, among the less privileged in society. But the good news is that natural scientists and nutritionists alike have shown in their studies that water can do wonders for your high blood pressure and hypertension.