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Friday, 14 August 2015

Maintaining a Good Body Weight by Checking Excessive Use of Food additives

It is very important for everyone to keep and maintain a healthy body weight by making sure you are within the required BMI for your height. There is no gain saying that overweight or obesity seriously predisposes you to equally serious health issues such as hypertension and heart attacks, etc.

Experts say that apart from doing your exercises, avoiding sedentary lifestyle, minimizing your consumption of fatty foods, etc, it has also become very important you are alarmed about the negative effects food additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), can have on your health. MSG is an excitotoxin. It makes you fat! This might be news to you; but yes, MSG can actually cause all kinds of medical problems for you. It can also affect your mood; it can make you depressed.
Watch your weight!
Unknowing to many in Nigeria, MSG is the basic raw material at the base of most of what we call food seasonings. The white seasonings for all you know, is really the very raw MSG itself! MSG can also be physically addicting, like aspartame; nutritional health experts say it can actually make you hungrier. This means it can make you eat all you do not really intend to eat – and there goes your weight problem if you do not watch it.