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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to Treat, and Avoid Constipation Via Nutritional and Lifestyle Approach

How is your bowel movement; how often do you use the loo? If you have not been paying attention to this simple process, then this is time you should start. The reason for my curiosity and concern is just that many people out there are used to emptying their bowel just a couple of times in a whole week, still they think it is all good and normal. Well, I would like to let you know that it is not just normal. Constipation has today become a very common occurrence or a part of life for so many, and little do people know that it could just be the major reason for their illness and so many other forms of serious sicknesses people suffer on a daily basis.

The alimentary canal is the channel of digestion & bowel movement

Often I have noticed people complain that they are not able to (easily) pass faeces! Constipation is a problem that almost everybody suffers at one time or the other. But for some, it is a serious problem that they go through as a routine but not knowing how to help themselves. Constipation is a condition in which you find it difficult to pass faeces, or you are not able to do it on a regular basis. Thus for a normal bowel movement, you ought to visit the toilet at least once every day. But from experience, you would have no need visiting the toilet when you have not eaten enough of bulky food, and you need bulky foods as part of your diet.

For instance if you have eaten (mostly) white rice for most of the day, you will most likely not have the urge to empty your bowel the next morning and for the whole day for that matter. This is simply because your favourite white rice as the term (white) connotes, is polished grain; it lacks the all important dietary fibre which your system requires for an effective bowel movement. It is very important we avoid constipation because when you do not regularly eliminate waste, you only go to accumulate toxins in your system, and this can lead to so many diseases later! The following signs however, will tell you that you are constipated and should therefore do something about it:

Fruits & vegetables - Rich fibre diet