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Monday, 30 March 2015

Water Therapy and the Numerous Health Benefits of Drinking Water

It is a well known fact from the nutritional health point of view that “You are what you eat”. But now I want to also let you know that that there is an additional refrain that has been added to further qualify or enrich that health slogan. It is the fact also that “You are what you drink!”
Now, I am about to let you into another simple secret of simple wholesome living: it does not cost you too much to abide by the simple lifestyle of ensuring that you rightly consume just the right quantity of equally wholesome refreshing drink of water on a daily basis. 
Water heals diseases
The fact behind this form of natural health maintenance and therapy is simply hinged on the common truth and interesting facts of our planet earth, and indeed our own physiology:
You see, over 70 percent of our planet is occupied by water; in the same token, over 70 percent of your body is comprised of water. But not all the water that is available is meant for drinking, for instance, of the water in our planet, 98 percent of it is actually salt water – unfit for drinking. Therefore just about a paltry 2 percent is fresh water! So it is wrong for you to rely on your soft drinks or so called fruit juice solely as your drink after taking a meal as so many Nigerians are beginning to do these days especially when they eat out. Water cannot be replaced by any other fluid, and you need to maintain that natural balance by taking enough water.

Water is life and it is the driver of life. And why do you need to drink plenty adequate amount of water? 

The experts from scientific research have discovered that actually dehydration is the cause of most major diseases. Dehydration causes you to have pains and headaches that are just sometimes inexplicable. Most of joint and arthritic pains the experts reveal may be connected to lack of the right amount of water in your system. The bottom line therefore is that water heals.

Just consider the fact that the mass of your muscles are actually made up of 75 percent water, the composition of the blood that flows – transporting all forms of nutrients all around your system is made of 82 percent water. You also need to know that even your bones are 25 percent water; the control centre of your body which is the brain, is 76 percent water while your lungs which draw oxygen to your system are 90 percent water.