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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Causes of Overweight and Obesity: Natural Prevention and Control

We have often heard that one ailment/health condition or the other often runs in the family and the rest of it, but one thing that is clear is that there is no issue that has not got a solution about it. Some health conditions like overweight or obesity and a few others might actually be genetic and so on. But what this actually means experts say – is that a gene could have been inherited, say from mother to child, or father to child, etc. But if you are able to tackle that side of you headlong by making concerted effort to eliminate that singular trait, it can actually be controlled and totally eliminated, even by natural means that is truly and wholly based on healthy nutrition and wholesome lifestyle.

Overweight women

Someone once said all this talk of say, obesity running in the family is all hogwash; the expert actually believes that the problem is really that nobody is running in the family – that’s why. Also, the truth about overweight and obesity don’t always have to do with heredity because there are so many other factors that may predispose you to becoming obese. But in all of these there are important factors to consider when dealing with the causes of obesity:

Energy In and Energy Out

This has to do with the fact that one takes in an amount of energy in terms of calorie counts stemming from drinks and foods that you consume – that is energy IN. And then, in the case of energy OUT, you are expected to perform a number of tasks in your daily routine (activity) which enables you to burn some of these calories in a burst of energy. But in the event that the amount of energy spent (inactivity) is not commensurate with the energy that has gone into you through consumption of foods and drinks, breathing, digestion, etc then there is an imbalance of energy. If for instance energy OUT is (far) less than energy IN, you tend to put on weight which if uncontrolled can easily result in overweight or obesity.

Therefore there is need for you to have an energy balance in your life style. Thus if your energy IN is not equal to, or balanced with your energy OUT, then you are likely to develop a weight problem. Mind you, the reverse will also be the case in which there is more energy OUT than energy IN over a long period of time – you lose weight!

Genetic Factors

Genetic factors easily imply that there are traits that may actually ‘run in the family’; certain features therefore can be inherited from the parents for instance. This means that you have a good chance of being overweight or obese if any or both of your parents are obese. But the bottom line here is that if for example your parents or any one of them is in the habit of overeating and being inactive such as living sedentary life style, etc. then you have a hundred percent chance of being overweight or obese too.

But again, if you know your overweight parent is in the habit of eating so much and being inactive, all you need to do is to consciously resist the temptations to emulate such habits and behaviours, eat and drink healthy, be more active, and then you would have begun overcoming even whatever may be called a genetic trait or family history factor.