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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Benefits of Tea without Milk

Tea drinking is a habit if I may say, of billions of people throughout the world. Tea is generally taken for different reasons ranging from mere relaxation to just having it as a breakfast beverage to go with your early morning meals such as bread and cereals, etc. Tea drinking has indeed become a way of life for so many, but permit me to ask – how do you like your tea? Do you love to drink it clean, or with (plenty) of milk?

A cup of Tea

Well, the news I have for you is that adding milk to your refreshing drink of tea actually deprives you of the optimum health benefits obtainable from the vital nutrients that are inherent in this beverage such as vitamins, etc. Now, people drink tea for several reasons like I said earlier, such as relaxation or even just as a (daily) traditional ritual as has been exemplified and propagated by the ancient and present cultures of both the Chinese and the Indians. Tea is taken for its numerous health benefits including the fact that it contains a lot of antioxidants, and healing properties good for your heart, and cardiovascular health generally, etc.