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Monday, 9 March 2015

Natural Health Benefits from Plants

I have often seen people using artificial (plastic) plants or flowers to decorate their homes and offices, as well as for occasions, and I wonder - what manner of taste? When I enquired from a few of the people who are inclined to this kind of practice, the reasons I got were even more absurd: Some say they prefer the use of plastic plants because they do not need to bother themselves (feeding) watering the plants! I will not bother to go into the other reasons and details because this one is just enough for me. What I have gathered is that so many people, especially Nigerians simply do not realise that there is plenty of health benefits to be derived from plants apart from its sheer natural effervescent beauty, and it is a serious matter and a big pity. The followings are some of the specific natural health benefits that we have been freely given to enjoy from plants around us.

Indoor plant - courtesy:

Gaseous exchange

In the first place, there is the ecosystem which by the perfect work of nature, has made plants and animals (which includes man) to depend on each other for survival; this interdependency of living organisms in an interaction with their physical environment, is what has placed a state of equilibrium on planet earth. Thus for example, scientific research has long proven the fact that plants give out oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis - a chemical process through which plants make their food in the presence of sunlight, and take in carbon dioxide when they respire. Conversely, animals including humans will breathe in the oxygen and expel carbon dioxide instead, and so life goes on.

What this simply means is that plants and humans coexist to complement each other in this symbiotic process of gaseous exchange.