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Monday, 2 February 2015

Six Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer

By now you must have discovered for yourselves that cancer is so serious a health issue that cannot be dismissed with just one explanation; from my previous write-ups on this matter, you will easily know that the scourge of cancer generally is just as complicated as the question of the causative factors. Just as we worry and ponder on the issue of the cause(s) of cancer, so have health and medical experts, researchers and even nutritionists, continued endlessly to work on the possible cures and other solutions to this highly dreaded disease.

Plant diet
And just as there are numerous forms of cancer, so also are there so many factors that researchers have so far identified to be the causes, as well as preventive measures against this debilitating health condition. So far, it will seem as if there are neither cures nor effective available treatments, but we should know that nature in its goodness has at the same time freely provided us with both the knowledge of preventive solutions as well as natural remedies towards the handling of cancer.

Prevention though being the better option, but in the case of an onset of the cancer, there is hope still going by what nature has freely provided for us in order to deal with cancer and other chronic diseases which most of the time, experts have attributed to life style, and especially diet related. The following steps are what you ought to know.

  1. Consume more of Plant Foods
My number one advice will be for you to turn to nature. I am not advocating a completely vegetarian way of life, but then if need be, go ahead. But very importantly is the fact that you are bound to avail yourself abundantly of the good load of antioxidants and other phyto-nutrients that are needed for the effective combating of free radicals and other disease causing agents in and around your body. And while you are at it, you should endeavour to eat ‘the rainbow’. This means in a way, to consume variety of plants of the various colours, for this naturally implies that they possess different nutrients. This practice will immensely build up your immune levels.

  1. Eat less of Meat
Of course when God created man he (man) did not set out immediately to start consuming flesh of animals. And so, from the very beginning it was never so. Nature has always been the safest way to go obviously. Scientific proofs however, have it that too much of meat consumption can be cancerous; therefore it is only wise that you curtail your meat consumption, especially red meat such as beef. 

  1. Consume less of Processed Foods
On the issue of processed foods, it has become highly evident that processed foods are denatured food products; most of the food’s healing constituents as well as the other critical valuable properties are lost from foods in the process of refining them. The process of refinement perhaps became necessary because of the need for packaging and even preservation of these food items. But unfortunately vital food nutrients are being denied you and me when we end up consuming these kinds of foods.

Inflammation has been found to be the cause of most chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer; processed foods, sugary foods and animal proteins in turn are the major culprits that are linked to inflammations in the system. For instance, fibre is lost; the full potency of the medicinal properties is depleted. Also, another reason for you to go slow on processed foods is due to the fact that artificial preservatives, colourants, sweeteners, and other additives are used to prepare these foods. These above mentioned stuffs are undoubtedly injurious to our health, and some are definitely carcinogenic food additives in the long run, that is.