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Monday, 23 November 2015

How to Boost Your Heart Health by Consuming Cold-Water ‘Fatty’ Fish

For many years I have heard that fish was very good for your health, and later I got to know that it is good for the blood pressure and even more importantly, the heart. I am sure you also know this by now. But later also I got to know that mainly, the goodness in consuming fish diets is chiefly because of the healthy oil content.

Fish oil is one of the healthiest oils to consume; fish oil contains Omega3 fatty acids – polyunsaturated oil which is very good for your heart. Fish oil (acids) are also present in various categories and classified according to the functions and benefits your body derives from them; they are carriers of different healthy components (Omega3 fatty acids) of nutritious natural oils – EPA, DHA, ALA, and HDL cholesterols. You must try always to get your full dose of these healthy fats as a matter of necessity.

Sardines have rich heart-healthy oils

But have you ever imagined fishes that swim in the high temperate and icy waters of the northern hemisphere – how they live in those blood cuddling chilly environments, yet excited to be living there? Imagine how these oil bearing creatures frolic in icy waters and yet the oil in them is not frozen, but flows still under ice! Do you remember what happens to your jar of oil when you store it in the refrigerator, even just for a few hours? Now you must know partly of the true test of healthy, cholesterol free edible oils.

Scientific studies have revealed that If you eat fish on a constant basis it is bound to help you curtail the risk of all forms of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart disease heart attack and stroke; the healthy oil present in fish meal does this by warding off blood clots and any form of inflammations thereby enhancing blood vessel elasticity, reducing your blood pressure, reducing blood fats and replacing them with good fats or cholesterol in your system. 

A healthy, happy heart

But very importantly, oil gotten from cold-water fish is even richer and more potent than any other for the mere fact that these categories of fishes have been so adapted to the kind of natural environments in which they live. Thus your heart will benefit immensely if you consume more of cold-water fish for the richness of their oil. Some of these include – salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines, etc.

Salmon - rich in healthy fish oil

The rich oil content of cold-water ‘fatty’ fish experts say - is capable of dissolving plaques and thereby clearing your arteries of blockages. This process is what frees your blood vessels and consequently your heart, when (preventing inflammatory conditions) your blood pressure as a result is put under normal working condition. 

Sardine fish meal

The consumption of cold-water fish promotes your overall cholesterol by decreasing your triglyceride levels and instead, upping the HDL cholesterol in your blood stream, and your entire cardiovascular system. Further buttressing on this issue, Dr. Grant Cooper – a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation expert says “Cold-water fish contain a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaeenoic acid (DHA). Your body contains billions of cells, and every one of them has fatty acids in its outer wall (membrane) …,” They metabolise into proteins and hormones, and they have a profound effect on the way cells interact with one another, he said.

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