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Monday, 30 November 2015

How to Ensure a Healthy Heart – Check the Vital Numbers & Signs

You will be better advised if you focus the part of your brain that is dedicated to your mobile telephone and social media or even to your stomach, more to your heart and all that it is saying. There are vital signs that you must begin to look out for if you must have your heart stay in rhythm and in tip-top condition. You must begin to pay adequate attention to the numbers as it were, and endeavour always to aim at keeping them ‘low’. Your diet is also important in controlling these numbers for the sake of your good heart

A healthy heart has good numbers

Monday, 23 November 2015

How to Boost Your Heart Health by Consuming Cold-Water ‘Fatty’ Fish

For many years I have heard that fish was very good for your health, and later I got to know that it is good for the blood pressure and even more importantly, the heart. I am sure you also know this by now. But later also I got to know that mainly, the goodness in consuming fish diets is chiefly because of the healthy oil content.

Fish oil is one of the healthiest oils to consume; fish oil contains Omega3 fatty acids – polyunsaturated oil which is very good for your heart. Fish oil (acids) are also present in various categories and classified according to the functions and benefits your body derives from them; they are carriers of different healthy components (Omega3 fatty acids) of nutritious natural oils – EPA, DHA, ALA, and HDL cholesterols. You must try always to get your full dose of these healthy fats as a matter of necessity.

Sardines have rich heart-healthy oils

Friday, 6 November 2015

How Olive Oil Unblocks Your Arteries, Lowers Blood Pressure & Promotes Healthy Heart

Good oil means good heart

Sometime ago, I walked into a supermarket and bought a bottle of Olive Oil (not the usual small 88.7 mil); it was the bigger bottle of this precious oil that I took away. And so on getting to the office with this bottle amongst other items I had, my colleague gave me the same kind of strange look that I got when I was picking up this bottle of Olive oil from the shop. My colleague asked what I was going to do with that (big) bottle of Olive Oil: “Are you now a pastor?” he asked. And the blunt truth is that I tried so hard to resist being embarrassed by this question. But following this reaction which is a typical reflection of the thinking and understanding of the average Nigerian, I had to equally seize the opportunity to educate all those who were in that room on that day.

Great health with good natural living