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Friday, 9 October 2015

How to Harvest Nature; Respect for Trees and the Environment

Nature is filled with all manner of potentials and opportunities endowed in plants, water, wind, sunshine, soil, bird and animal life, etc. Thus for a rounded and healthy soul and body, we have got to be in complete and constant harmony with self, and then everybody else and the world we live in, or the environment. We must learn to appreciate the free oxygen we have for life, the variety of flora and fauna and he pleasantness we derive from them all. Thus we all need each other - animals and plants.

And if only we do more of constructive thinking we will truly be exhibiting the God-like image and nature we were intended to assume - like we see what's going on here in the photo below. But instead, most of us in this part of the world prefer to engage most of our thoughts and energies on things only mundane such as cheating, and primitive accumulation, etc. It is not by 'churchism' or religiosity and too many prayers that these things are achieved, but by simple honest hard work, true love, and especially deep thinking - which comes with serenity, and godliness. And of course, you need dogged determination to succeed in anything in life.

Good leadership of course helps to encourage the flourishing of such healthy and fertile minds which society needs to advance. But for the health of our overall society, we must set our minds on things and values so lofty.

And so, wake up black man; wake up Africa; wake up Nigeria! We must all do our little bit; we must be accountable, and  responsible. Follow this link or this photo below, and see what mankind can achieve while living with nature and neighbour in peace and harmony. This is deep thinking and healthy, (brain) power in action.

Thinking machine
A little more honesty in 170 or so million places amounts to great sense of responsibility and sincerity. We only need a greater sense of value to turn our nation around, and surely not by protecting and rewarding corrupt and evil people in our midst.

When we do this there certainly will be less of sicknesses and diseases; evil does bring about plagues of diseases too. But living in harmony with both nature and fellow man will actually boost peace of mind as well as spiritual and physical well-being.

In harmony with nature

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