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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Cause and How to Avoid Hypertension among Young People

It is no longer news that the effects of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and even hypotension have become so heavy on the Nigerian society. The real problem is that in the past decade or so we have been witnessing a new phenomenon in which especially young people are steadily falling victim to this dreaded scourge at a pace that has terrified many including medical practitioners and care-givers alike.

Young people should be full of life and vigour

According to the World Health Organisation report from the 2015 world Health Day, hypertension is responsible for an estimated 45 per cent of deaths from heart disease, and 51 per cent of deaths from stroke annually. This is very disturbing, and health experts and researchers especially in Nigeria are wondering why so many young people in the country are caught up in this worrisome trend which experts say is actually also a global issue. Recently experts are beginning to realise also that all of these ailments are rather more of lifestyle related than anything else. 

One would rather that our medical healthcare focus more on how to stem the rising tide of this ailment which has come to be known as ‘the silent killer’. Each time you hear that somebody slumped in the car, or in their room, or in the office, etc, most of the time it is nothing but as a result of a cardiovascular ailment which invariably has its root cause in hypertension.

The ‘sudden death’ syndrome is not necessarily death emanating from witchcraft or spiritual attacks as Nigerians are usually inclined to believe; we think rather that the time has come when health experts began to make counselling part and parcel of healthcare administration. There is also a dire need for the general populace to be more enlightened regarding lifestyle and nutrition; young people especially must be enlightened on how to manage stress in their daily life activities.

A healthy dietary habit is important

Young men especially are to be more watchful of their lifestyle in that there are so many factors that predispose one to stress and hypertension. In a radio talk show, the guest while stressing the alarming rate of hypertension, lamented the discovery that she was confronted with: “In a random check conducted in one corporate office in Lagos showed one out of every three guys had his blood pressure on the high side!” she said.

Also according to a recent study, it is estimated that one-third of the Nigerian population i.e. about 50 million people, suffer from the disease. It is also alarming to note that these days hypertension does not spare anyone whether young or old unlike what we used to know in the times past. According to a health expert, Kingsley Akinroye, Executive Director, Nigerian Heart Foundation, “the number one challenge we have in Nigeria and Africa is heart disease. The major cause of heart disease is hypertension. It is a killer because once you cross the age of five, you are susceptible to it especially if you have poor dietary habit,” he said.

Exercise is highly recommended

We need to urgently reduce stress in whichever way we can as well as watch what we eat so as to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. This is because according to experts, an uncontrolled blood pressure will almost certainly lead to hypertension or heart attack, etc. But the truth is that a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of the right diets especially foods that fight cholesterol and plaque build-ups in the system. Stress reduction as well as exercise are also habits you must cultivate, and all of these combined will definitely keep you in perfect natural healthy living.

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