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Monday, 21 September 2015

How to Prevent and Treat Hypertension and Heart Disease by Nature's Ways

Hypertension has often been described as - a common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high (a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater). Thus you become hypertensive when your blood pressure continues to be on the high without it being effectively controlled. Unfortunately your doctor is ever eager to give you ‘the bad news’: You are told that your condition has no cure and therefore you are to live with it the rest of your life. You are told you will only have to manage it by being on drugs for life. But on the contrary, there is so much solution abundant in nature, and natural foods order than chemical drugs.

Healing (natural) foods

Nutritional health experts tell us rather that hypertension and even heart condition is curable just as it is preventable - by virtue of lifestyle and especially – dietary approaches. At this instance it has become very evident that there is more to this problem than just stress or old age. It behoves today’s medical administrators to realise the fact also that high blood pressure is not just a condition brought on by anxiety and worry, but in addition to stress, the totality of the individual’s lifestyle including diet must be taken into serious consideration as well.

From recent research findings however, evidences abound that a whole lot can be rightly attributed to western style diet. Most culpable among the diets experts say, are mostly foods which inadvertently encourage high salt intake. Most Nigerians must understand that apart from adding raw salt to their foods, they also get to take so much of it through the consumption of popular food seasonings, and packaged foods that majorly contain preservatives including (salt) sodium, and other forms of food additives which are found in soft drinks and fast foods. But unknowing to the general public, these are potential lethal killers because you cannot really measure the amount of sodium for instance that is present in the foods that have been so preserved.

A sip of red wine does good

And so apart from nutritional health specialists, medical doctors too are becoming convinced that dietary lifestyle is an undeniable factor in the hypertension saga especially among young Nigerians. A heart specialist, Jude Duru Onweni alludes to this fact: She says, “The number of young Nigerians we see with high blood pressure during screening is alarming, and it is because of western diets; young people eat junk”, she added. In this age, preventive health should actually be major focus especially as regards hypertension to which medical science is yet to find a definite cure while it is also a major issue leading to heart diseases, stroke, heart attack, etc.

It becomes very important that you put a permanent control on that blood pressure before it gets out of hand - for according to Eric Ding, PhD, a nutritionist and epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School, “(Hypertension) causes more than half of all cardiovascular disease.”  Lifestyle modification is very necessary for the entire populace as we look forward to stemming the tide of this health scourge especially among young Nigerians and even the not so young, and elderly. Basic among what we can do apart from making concerted efforts to reduce stress, a wholesome dietary habit is very critical going by experts’ opinion.

Oil oil - one of the healthiest of oils

 “The best approach (to treating hypertension) is to combine a diet with plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables every day, with a modest amount of fish with lower levels of contaminants, like salmon, a few times a week. I’d pair that with an occasional glass of red wine and a good supplementation programme to ensure you are not missing important nutrients,” These are the words of Dr. John Cuomo  (a specialist nutritionist), Executive Director of research and development for USANA Health Sciences, USA.

You'll need a dose of exercise, and fresh air/sun shine

While adhering to this approach, we must all endeavour also to refrain from the consumption of junk foods; we must reduce our intake of sodium or salt in our diets. It is important to also limit consumption of red meat and fatty foods. On the other hand, one must strive to consume more of fruits and vegetables while making time to rest, relax and exercise.

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