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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How to Treat, Prevent High Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack through Water Therapy

Water therapy might sound novel or even funny, but the truth is that it has been a secret some people have been living with for many centuries. For instance, it is a popular habit of the Chinese and their oriental cousins - the Japanese, to drink (hot) water after each meal. Remember that so many today, especially the nouveau-riche even in developing economies like Nigeria, are in the habit of taking instead so-called fruit juices. So many today are suffering and they have been told there is no cure or permanent help for their ailments such as hypertension, yet they are not able to help themselves through some of the many natural endowments that abound such as water.
Drink (water) and be merry

So many are also hamstrung by the fact that it can be expensive to manage their ailments; – that is, among the less privileged in society. But the good news is that natural scientists and nutritionists alike have shown in their studies that water can do wonders for your high blood pressure and hypertension.

It is also instructive to note that to avoid other cardiovascular or heart related diseases such as heart attack and stroke, including hypotension - which is abnormally low blood pressure, you must first of all ensure that your blood pressure is always within normal functioning order. Furthermore, from age-old practices we must continue to learn and borrow from what has been working for the people through the wisdom of the ancients: It is common in Japan today as their forebears have done centuries back, to drink water as soon as they get out of bed in the morning.
Thus it is a proven fact as well by scientists that water therapy is highly efficacious; it can actually take care of many diseases, be they old or modern forms of ailments. In Japan this approach has worked amazingly well and the Japanese medical society has scored it a hundred per cent in its ability to cure many diseases including high blood pressure. And of course, it is important to keep a constant check on your food (type) intake, as well as the amount of calories that you consume. As Barbara Rolls, PhD, Penn State researcher says, "What works with weight loss is if you choose water or a non-caloric beverage over a caloric beverage and/or eat a diet higher in water-rich foods that are healthier, more filling, and help you trim calorie intake."
Water is life

Treating high blood pressure
Once you wake up in the morning, even before cleaning your mouth, drink a good dose of water, (about 4 x 160 ml glasses) for an adult; this is just 64 cl or (21.6 oz) of water. Please do not take more than this for too much water also can be dangerous. Next, you should go ahead to brush your mouth and then make sure you do not eat anything or drink anything for at least 45 minutes after which you may drink and eat.
Hydrate your body and cleanse your system with water
Also, after you must have had your breakfast, lunch and dinner, be careful not to eat or drink anything after 15 minutes, for two hours. As for the elderly and sick people, it will obviously be difficult to drink up to this amount of water at the initial stage. They can start gradually and subsequently increase their water intake to 4 glasses in the mornings.
water your heart, not clog it with oil
This method as I have stated earlier will take care of many ailments but they come at various patterns; as for high blood pressure, the required dose for this treatment is that you do it for at least – 30 days duration.

Bottom line is that this water therapy will care your ailment(s), and for those who are not sick, you will only go to enjoy a healthy and happy life all through.

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