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Monday, 25 May 2015

Weight Reduction: How to Combat Overweight and Obesity Using Natural Foods & Herbs

The subject of obesity and Overweight even though has become a huge problem among both the growing and adult populations; it is also a big concern both in developing and developed societies of most parts of the world.  Thus apart from the fact that sometimes the problem of overweight could be genetic, that is, it could be inherited from one’s predecessors and so on, medical and other expert researches have proven that it is majorly a problem of lifestyle behaviours.

Be happy to shed that excess weight

Urbanisation, the spread of fast food joints and the attendant need for food processing, preservation, and packaging, has turned a vast size of the population to the consumption of a whole lot of unwholesome and even 'dead' foods. But the good thing as I keep saying is that in one form or the other, nature has always provided ways out of these problems which we have incurred on ourselves in the first place, when we decided to abandon nature.  Basically the remedy for obesity and overweight including so many, if not all of human health issues, is for us to return to nature.

Signs of overweight and obesity

Obesity is the extreme of overweight; either of these simply implies that you have stored up excess fat in your body, and that your weight far exceeds your normal weight; this means that your weight is not exactly corresponding to your height, or body mass index (BMI). Your BMI is a measure of your weight in relation to your height; to calculate your BMI, multiply your weight in pounds and divide that by the square of your height in inches.
Overweight is a BMI that is greater than 25, whereas obese is a BMI greater than 30. 

As a result of increased fatty cells there will be an increased waistline. So watch it because if a man for instance, develops a waistline of 40 inches and above, he is already crossing the borderline, while a woman that measures 35 inches or above at the waistline is also showing signs of overweight.

Problems that come with overweight and obesity

You need to take this issue of overweight and obesity very seriously because as a result of this health condition, serious complications can arise. It is important therefore to note that there are so many dangerous health issues that anyone with these problems is likely to encounter if nothing is done quickly about it; these are serious health problems such as – high blood pressure, cancer, osteoarthritis, gall bladder disease, heartburn, shortness of breath, snoring, etc.

Green tea does great for your weight

I will now introduce to you a few natural remedies you can use to combat your overweight problem. These are nothing but natural foods and herbs that you can easily reach and prepare at home for your benefit. Let me not forget to mention here in summary that apart from hereditary factors, also a major contributor to this problem is a bad dietary habit in addition to a life of lack of exercise.

One of the best known natural remedies for combating overweight is the use of Lime juice and Honey; lime is very good at breaking down fats. First thing in the morning, squeeze some fresh Lime juice into a glass of warm water and (1 spoonful) honey. Take this mixture on an empty stomach, and you can do it a couple of times more throughout the entire day. It is even more effective if you actually combine it with a fast; do it for a good number of weeks as you can see the result yourself in no distant time.

For the purpose of achieving very good digestive rates, Cabbage is very useful and as a result enables a healthy bowel movement as well. The tartaric acid in cabbage also inhibits the conversion of sugars to fats in your body while at the same time this vegetable is able to greatly stimulate your metabolism to enable the shedding of excess weight. For a good number of weeks you should go on a regular diet of salad with cabbage as the main component, while you cautiously eat your other solid meals along side.

Without causing you any form of malnutrition, Finger Millet eaten daily is able to help you lose excess weight. This grain does this by the fact that it takes a long time to digest thereby restricting you from frequent eating; finger millet when eaten has the tendency to fill you up and hold back your hunger.

Cabbage aids your weight reduction

One herb that is very efficient at burning or breaking down calories is Mint. This multipurpose herb can be eaten in your daily meals in a regular basis, and for a prolonged length of time in other to achieve your required weight reduction. Add mint chutney to your meals or just take it along side your meals to help your general condition.

One of the simplest available means of achieving your excess weight reduction is obtained by using Tomatoes. The ingredients in tomatoes help to preserve good health, and also help you achieve safe weight reduction. You should take two sizeable ripe tomatoes every morning as your breakfast and nothing else for a good length of time - like several months. It has always proven to be effective.

You also know that tea is recommended for people looking to lose weight. But better still is the use of Green Tea for your excess weight reduction therapy, so says Dr. Jhon Napier – an expert nutritionist and herbal researcher of many years. Make green tea and consume regularly throughout the day and for several weeks and months without adding anything else to it – no milk, no sugar; honey is preferable. Green tea is very helpful in that it enables great metabolism and it is also able to limit the amount of sugar that is converted to fats and stored in your body. Not just that, Dr. Jhon Napier emphasises that, Green tea is another effective herbal cure for obesity problems.

Tomatoes are healthy weight boosters

Drinking this health supplement improves the overall health and wellbeing of a person. It reduces LDL cholesterol level and enhances cardiac function safely. Apart from curing obesity, regular drinking of green tea delays ageing impact and minimizes the risk of health disorders”.

You could also make use of another very important herb that is easily available in Nigeria to help your weight reduction. Simply put some slices of Ginger root into boiling water and later, add some slices of lemon. Boil these in water for ten more minutes and drink when slightly cooled.

Lastly, you could also take some fresh Basil leaves and grind in to a paste. Remember, this is (sweet) basil which some Nigerians refer to as curry leaves, and not the African basil some of us (Igbo) call nchuanwu. Mix the paste of basil very well with a teaspoonful of honey in warm (not hot) water, and drink. Do this therapy on a regular and long time basis, and you would be glad at the result of your weight reduction programme.

NB: Check your weight and, you can as well ascertain whether you fall into your right weight category or not by applying a simple but highly efficient easy-to-use software device; it is very important you know your body mass index (BMI). I will give this tool free of charge to my blog subscribers who also should like my page on facebook. All you need to do is simply send an e-mail with the subject title 'BMI toolkit' to If you are not yet a subscriber to this blog you can just subscribe below.

Have you tried any of the above home remedies; what are your experiences or observations? Please do not keep them to yourself, share them through the comment box below.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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