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Friday, 15 May 2015

How You Can Heal Rheumatoid Arthritis by Natural Lifestyle Changes and Approach

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic progressive and debilitating disease; it is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the body including joint pain, and pains and discomfort in the tissues that surround the joints, and other organs in the human body. But you have a variety of natural lifestyle approaches that you could adopt to get remedy. 

You have an autoimmune disease when your immune system begins to attack your own body, mistaking body tissues for foreign invaders or attackers. This is different from the case with osteoarthritis where you tend to find a damaging wear and tear effect. Rheumatoid arthritis can however, permanently damage the joints as the lining of the joints are usually attacked in the process. It will later if not contained, lead to erosion of the bones and even deformity. 

Inflamed joints of the hands

This ailment of the joints and bones is typical of a systemic disease because it gradually goes round to affect every part of the (joints) of the body.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis are many and usually include the following: Stiffness experienced in the morning, pain and swelling at the Joints, anaemia, low appetite and attendant loss of weight, non-specific systemic flu-like symptoms such as tiredness, sickly feeling, depression, mild fever, flare-ups. 

In all of these, there is still what you can do to help yourself deal positively with this disease and achieve great results just by adopting a regimen of purely natural therapy. At this point however, lifestyle changes and occupational therapy come to play.  

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis using natural lifestyle approach

Occupational therapy

You can adopt various new ways and techniques of carrying out your daily routine of work, at home, office or on the field. Also, an occupational therapist can easily teach you new ways of carrying out tasks. For example, if you have sore arms and want to push open a door or gate, you may wish to lean on it as you attempt to gain access, using your weight instead of your hands or fingers. This also applies to lifting of loads; a device for lifting, gripping or grabbing may be provided for the purpose.

Heat & Cold treatment

If you experience flare-ups, you should simply stop to relax; if you exert pressure or tension on the inflamed joints of the hands for instance, it tends to get worse at this point in time. But when in normal conditions when you have no flare-ups, you should feel free to commit yourself to exercise. This will generally help your mobility and flexibility. If the muscles around your joints have become weak due to this condition, exercise will do a great deal of good to you. Be sure also not to engage in physical exercises that put too much strain or pressure on the joints.

Apply heat or cold press or ice pack on the affected areas; you could also embark on (fifteen minutes) hot bath or shower.

The pain in your joints can be quelled by cold compression as the numbing effects of cold packs or ice massage on your ailing joints can considerably deal with your muscle spasms. But if you tend to have a poor blood circulation or numbness, you should not apply cold treatment.
You could as well soak your affected areas in warm water for a few minutes after which you then do the same in cool water for say one minute. Go ahead and repeat this process for a period of say – thirty minutes. You should always finish your treatment with soaking in warm water.

Relaxation therapy

You can give yourself a relaxation treatment by learning to switch off: Alleviate your mental stress by some forms of controlled breathing exercise such as deep breathing, and muscle relaxation. Learn also - meditation and quietude. All of these will help to ease and control your pain.


Your rheumatoid arthritis will certainly be dealt with if you apply (gentle) massage to the affected areas at intervals throughout the day.


I think this is actually the best approach to use in dealing with your rheumatoid arthritis. Make informed dietary choices and you will be glad with the results you will get. In this regards, be sure to consume more of fish and less of meat – (especially red meat); consume especially oily fish. Also, drink lots of water; eat more fruits and vegetables for a load of vitamins and antioxidants. You could also lay your hands on some very potent and original fish oil supplements such as is already made available on this site. Also, you may try   glucosamine sulphate and chondriotin for relief.

Do not hesitate to let me know your experiences and observations.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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