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Saturday, 30 May 2015

How to Control Cancer by Checking Genetically Modified Foods & Environmental Pollution

Cancer has been a thorn in the flesh of the human race for a pretty long time now, and it is not showing any signs of stopping except we do something drastic about it. But top scientists and researchers including nutritionists the world over, are of the strong opinion that so many factors which are largely man made are responsible for the rising occurrences of cancer in our modern world.

Natural or chemical products? - photo by Morgan Nwanguma

Scientists say that the main issue is that cancer occurs when the DNA is modified or re-engineered. A renowned Nigerian Pharmacist, Emmanuel Nwankwo asserts that because we have embraced modified lifestyle is the reason cancer is on the rise; this is what the western and advanced world has been suffering for so long he says. And because we in this part of the world have equally adopted this modern lifestyle, the problem has become also a part of us even here in Nigeria. “Once you modify the cell DNA, it goes haywire and starts doing what it is not supposed to do”, the expert says.

Our modern day culture is fast swinging to a lifestyle of consuming inorganic foods, and modified feeding pattern.  Decades ago, and especially in our rural or village settings, our forebears were used to getting foods fresh from the farms and eating, which is unlike nowadays when so much is dependent on refrigeration storage, and grocery stores that stock up stored foods, stale foods, preserved foods, and very importantly, inorganic stuff that most of us consume.
Natural or chemically grown?

Today we consume a lot of foods that are not regulated by the health authorities; a lot of foods and drinks we consume today are simply carcinogenic or having in them cancer causing agents, experts say. A lot of the imported foods that come into the country are not properly scrutinised by the authorities; for example, the Chinese salt fish, experts say may be dangerous for consumption.

Even our numerous other so called modern ways of living which so many of us tend to equate with enjoyment, health experts say may be risky! What about the modern farming methods of breeding agricultural produce, for example, (cat) fish? In a matter of few weeks you could culture fully grown fish in a tank! You could also grow poultry and get so called agric eggs that way. No wonder these eggs are not as delicious as the ones from the local chickens that did not grow on ‘artificial’ feeds, ditto for their meat.

You jump into your air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned office, and later you return to your air-conditioned room to sleep and you think you are having the best of time. You take ice-cold water after taking a full bowl of delicious hot meal and you think you are enjoying yourself? Better watch out. Apart from all of these seeming comfortable lifestyles, there are other issues which cancer experts have identified as serious culprits in the issue of cancer. Worst still, not many of us dare to embark on exercise as a way of life.

And of course there are pollutants everywhere you look: In a place like our country Nigeria especially, with the generator fumes, (rickety) car exhaust fumes, and unregulated industrial wastes for instance, are just more than enough carcinogens in the environment for you and I to worry about. The scientist Emmanuel Nwankwo continues, “…We have forgotten that carcinogens, these cancer causing agents, do not cause cancer straight away. It takes effect after a long period of our coming in contact with them.

Nature & fresh air - photo by Morgan Nwanguma

But the solution lies with us as well even though it is never going to be an easy walk. The only way to stem the ravaging tide of cancer in our society is simply just for us all to return to nature. But even most of the food crops whether fresh or not, that we consume today are still posing a health risk for all of us in the long run, especially people living in the urban centres.

And for as long as we continue to apply artificial (chemical) fertilisers to our farms, we are only running a vicious cycle. This of course is why organic farming and organic foods are becoming the new way of life in the developed world, and expectedly, the products are more expensive in the shops. But this is certainly the way to go. Also, we need to as urgently as possible, stem the rate of environmental pollution, and avoid them as much as we can.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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