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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Understanding Diabetes – How to Cure Diabetes Naturally, and What to Avoid To Live the Life You Want

You see, one of the biggest lies that the modern day orthodox health practitioners have succeeded in selling to you is the one probably telling you that diabetes is an inherited degenerative disease that has no cure whatsoever. They also tell you that diabetes is something you are going to have to live with for the rest of your life. But the truth your doctor probably does not want you to know is that diabetes can be cured; in fact the disease can actually be totally reversed and so you can be a free person after all.

Sheaves of whole grains

Understanding diabetes and the causes

You may be wondering why we so much need to be on this diabetes thing on and on. Well, diabetes is one of the world’s leading killers today; diabetes is a degenerative disease that cuts across gender, age, race and geography; diabetes is costing the world in the tune of billions of dollars in order to treat and sustain the sufferers of this disease which is also now known as a lifestyle ailment. And finally, diabetes comes with a series of side effects or consequent debilitating effects such as – high blood pressure, kidney disease, blindness, neuropathy which is a disease of the peripheral nerves. It could also lead to amputation, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The role of diet in dealing with this health condition is revealing, so much so that even type2 diabetes also can be completely reversed naturally. This is a fact that nutritionists, scientists and some medical doctors have come to agree upon. Today it is just possible for you to religiously follow a nutritional regimen and in due course you will soon be out of the entrapment of this lifestyle scourge we call diabetes, and especially the type2 diabetes. In the same token, type1 diabetes which is more difficult to reverse can also be well managed and equally dealt with in a matter of time - all by a dedicated natural nutritional means. In time your blood sugar will greatly improve with dietary changes, and diabetes reversed.

First of all we need to understand the two different types of diabetes and know what is causing them and then to know how and what to use to deal with them, but still by means of a dedicated regimen of natural diet and wholesome lifestyle.

Type2 diabetes

As you might have known by now, diabetes is a disease pertaining to an elevated blood sugar. Thus when you are dealing with Type2 diabetes which is the commonest type of the disease, you are confronted with insulin resistance through a metabolic disorder caused by a high level of blood sugar. Type2 diabetes is caused by the resulting abnormalities of glucose metabolic processes in the system that gives rise to the resistance of insulin produced by your body. This therefore leads to your body needing the intervention of an increased insulin production with which to enable a normal glucose level in the blood or body. 

But like I said earlier, it will only take a strict and dedicated and religiously guided dietary regimen to deal with, and for sure with time you can fully reverse your diabetes. You will therefore have no further need to depend on any form of insulin.

Type1 diabetes

Type1 diabetes is caused through the process of insulin destruction in the pancreas by an autoimmune action in the body. The damage so done to the pancreatic cells thus leads to the reduction or inability to produce insulin by certain factors that give rise to the autoimmune activities owing to inflammations in the entire body system.

Consumption of Processed carbohydrates

Most of the time however, diabetes can be linked to, or boosted by these following factors which invariably still remain as lifestyle predispositions to this ailment and especially relating to type2 diabetes. First of all is the over-consumption of especially processed carbohydrate foods and sugars. Carbohydrates are not bad in themselves, but when the essential nutrients that come with whole grains for instance have been destroyed or stripped off the foods such as natural fibre, then, you begin to court trouble and disaster. As Nigerians continue to toe the fast lane, fast food joints are equally growing in leaps and bounds hence the increasing danger of diabetes among the growing population. 

Fibre & antioxidant rich natural foods

This is so because embedded in these vital properties are the most important phytochemicals or trace elements which are very crucial for your protection and wellbeing. It is these vital nutrients which are lost in the process of refinement of carbohydrate foods and sugars that enable proper metabolism and utilisation of the foods when eaten. They are responsible for maintaining a healthy balance of insulin production and usage in your body. These very essential ingredients are such as – Chromium, Zinc, Sulphur, Manganese, Potassium, etc. This is the first and major predisposing factor. Ensure therefore that you always go on whole foods as well as good doses of fruits and vegetables. Avoid as much as possible the consumption of processed (carbohydrate) foods.


Excess weight is equally as bad as a factor that is likely to predispose you to diabetes. If you are thus overweight, you are actually becoming vulnerable to diabetes in that for instance you may be easily susceptible to arteriosclerosis which is the hardening of the arterial walls, as well as high blood pressure. And all of these help in no small measure to give vent to diabetes.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Also, a sedentary lifestyle is not a very healthy way of life: You must ensure that no matter the nature of your work or daily routine, you are still actively involved; it is very unhealthy for anyone to sit in one place for a very long time. The bottom line however, is that you must endeavour to be active apart from doing exercise. A sedentary lifestyle slows down your metabolism and you are also likely to put on unnecessary weight.

Genetic factors

You might have also heard that diabetes is sometimes inherited. Well, that may be so at times, but the one thing you ought to understand is that it became genetic because sometimes along the line somebody in the family took up a habit which predisposed him or her to contracting diabetes. And so there is every possibility that you may have inherited a gene from your parent(s) that contains a strain of it. All you have to do is simply to avoid some of your parent’s negative habits in addition to cultivating your own very good habit by way of adopting that needed natural wholesome living by a disciplined approach to nutrition and general lifestyle. Over time you would have overcome whatever you thought you once inherited having gradually corrected that stubborn gene by this method.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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