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Friday, 3 April 2015

Balancing Act - Moderation in All as key to Enjoying Great Natural Health

I have been looking at several issues pertaining to life, nature and health, and I concluded when I came to discover, that indeed life is all about balance – a balancing act on the stage of existence. The fact about staying naturally healthy is really about moderation in all ways and in all things. Therefore our individual life style calls for utmost discipline and self control. It is this balancing act in all that we do that is necessary for harmony between us and nature or our planet, as well as an agreement within our body system. We must at all time see the need to resolve the coexistence of body, mind and soul.

Balance is necessary for harmony

The following ways are just a few aspects of our life where absolute moderation confirms the need for a total balance in our activities. Thus by modeling our lifestyles this way will always engender harmony within us, and with our planet earth.

It is a fact that too much sleep can cause stroke. This is a recent scientific finding by health experts which is still as shocking as you can just imagine. Subsequently, you should also know that by logic, too little sleep can at the same time cause stroke too! This is because if you do not have enough rest or sleep to be precise, you are already prone to a heightened blood pressure which could lead to a heart problem if not controlled, and even a stroke if there is further deterioration of the situation.

Inadequate drinking of water will lead to you becoming dehydrated. Dehydration of course can trigger off all manner of ailments such as headaches, arthritic and back pains, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. But it will also interest you to know that too much of water consumption can equally pose a health risk to you.

What about food? Yes, overeating will easily lead you to becoming overweight or obese, while not eating enough will cause you to be undernourished, thin and weak. You will not be able to carry out strenuous tasks if you do not eat very well because you will be frail and lacking in strength. 

Very importantly too, as we carry out our daily functions either as workers, non-working mothers, or students, our lifestyle or daily routine will call for either sitting down, standing, staying indoors, or staying outdoors, etc. Bottom line however is – please do not over do any of these. For instance, sitting in one place for a very long time is bad for your health; this is what is referred to as sedentary lifestyle. It could lead to overweight and other forms of ailments simply due to lack of enough activity.

Conversely, standing for too long or being outdoors for too long can also affect you negatively. If for example, you are always exposed to the sun without protective gadgets doing field work, you could be risking sun burns, skin cancer, and even cerebrospinal meningitis such as used to be seasonally endemic in the hot arid zones like northern Nigeria and desert locations in Africa whence it is very hot. 

Body & Soul must be in rhythm

On the other hand, if you completely stay away from sunshine, then you will be denying yourself the natural health benefits of sunshine. You will be lacking in the right or adequate dose of what is referred to as sunshine vitamin that is Vitamin D and possibly its attendant ailments emanating from the result of the deficiency of this vitamin such as rickets in the case of children, etc. With the right amount of Vitamin D your body is enabled to properly absorb calcium and so your will be able to develop and maintain strong bones and teeth. 

Bottom line again is that you should ensure to do everything in moderation, whether you drink or eat, work or rest, go out or stay indoors, exercise or not. By this you will be aligning yourself with your inner being and nature, to achieving a complete harmonious existence in perfect rhythm. So go ahead and enjoy abounding life in nature.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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