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Friday, 20 February 2015

How to Have a Healthy Bowel Movement

It is a universal truth that when you are not able to adequately and even regularly eliminate waste from your system, you are left with the accumulation of toxins in your body. Elimination is a process in which wastes especially in the form of solids, liquids and even gases are expelled by way of excretion. This process of excretion or elimination is exercised in the process of stooling or passing excreta, urination, flatulence or farting, and also sweating. 

Oats are very good for bowel movement

It has also been established from research that most of the modern day debilitating diseases, including cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart attack, stroke and even cancer, and diabetes, are all regarded most of the time as life style induced diseases. And also, to a great extent we do know that nutritious diet especially foods that are rich in fibre play a great deal of role in these matters by way of preventing or treating the conditions. As a result, we have to critically look into the roles these important foods play in keeping us well and alive. Here, we are referring to bowel movement-friendly diets that are available in - breakfast cereals or whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and other foods that are rich in roughage or bulk such as sweet potatoes, etc.

How to ensure good bowel movement through diet and exercise

Always ensuring that you eat foods that are rich in natural fibre, is a very important dietary practice you must adopt. 

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water – at least six to eight glasses each day will just be adequate to help flush the system, keep it well hydrated and ease peristalsis.

Make sure you eat a normal breakfast every morning; it should essentially have in it a rich fibre or bran content especially in breakfast cereals and lots of fluids. you will also do well to carry out 'water therapy' each morning: First thing in the morning, even before brushing your teeth you should take a good drink of ordinary water. This will get your system ready for the elimination process to follow apart from acting as a natural cleanser and detoxifier to your whole body. 

Each day you should ensure to eat a sizeable serving of fruits and vegetables; in this way you ensure a healthy food mixture which gives your body the necessary phyto-nutrients the body requires for both maintenance and immune boosting.
Each day you must find time to exercise your system so as to tone up the muscles and stimulate the entire digestive system and alimentary canal. Intestinal activities will be stimulated by it and this is very important to keep your bowel movement in top condition. Simple exercises like walking (or brisk walking), stretch-outs and other forms of aerobics are just adequate to give you the desired results.

Lastly and very importantly, try to avoid foods that cause hardening of stool especially if you suffer from constipation; these foods do not have fibre and so do not help you at all. So you could avoid the dairy products and meat. Live with your exercises, and take a hot beverage of tea, coffee of chocolate once in a while to stimulate your bowel movement. Eat regularly, but a little quantity at a time is better than one or two very heavy meals for the day, and you should remember also to chew your foods very well each time before swallowing because digestion actually begins in your mouth.

Cucumber will greatly aid your digestive system & bowel movement

In essence, you should eat plenty of foods that contain plenty of soluble fibre, foods that contain bulk and can therefore promote bulky stool. Eat foods like bananas, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, maize, oats and potatoes, etc. You need all of these foods with digestible fibres because they form bulk, and are able to slow down the emptying of the bowels.

Whole grains and wholesome cereals like – whole wheat and whole wheat products are especially healthy for breakfast. Whole wheat meals, tubers, rhizomes, etc. are very good for your lunch and dinner; also remember one of the best food drinks available – yoghourt. Consuming yoghourt will enable your system in aiding digestion by the presence of (probiotics) the beneficial bacteria in it which will equally enhance the health of your intestinal flora.  

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