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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Understanding and Treating High Blood Pressure Naturally

High Blood Pressure is well known these days as a widely spread non-infectious disease that affects both young and old and cutting across populations and races, including both the low and high strata in society.

High Blood Pressure as the name connotes is a disease brought on by the pressure impacted on the heart of the individual due to stress. Now, what is stress? Stress is another word for strain, pressure, or tension. This tension or strain is put on the heart which forces it to pump blood with extra vigour and thereby in turn putting a strain on this vital organ. How does stress bring about a strain on the heart and blood vessels? 

As I go into this, I will like you to understand that in life stress is not all together a bad thing: stress makes us to be at alert; stress also makes us to achieve goals. But in life there are both good and negative stresses. The negative stress is the one that leads to one coming down with a disease such as high blood pressure. As the strain on the individual goes from positive to negative, ‘stress’ begins to build up. And as the negative strain persists for a period of time stretching beyond the individual’s capacity to cope, then a diseased condition might as a result just set in. This is high blood pressure situation.

You can fight off that stress

Again, let us now look at the intricate details of what goes on: At the onset of stress which by the way could either be due to emotional stress or physical stress, a panic measure by your body’s emergency  system is triggered off say in times of danger for instance  or any form of emotional disturbance. This trigger alarm signals from your brain – ‘shouting wolf’ as it were. The alarm tells your entire system of an imminent danger and your pumping adrenalin begins to race fiercely down your arteries.

At the instance of this, your body mechanisms gather (cholesterol) fat and deposit it at the walls or linings of the blood vessels as if to block off a city gate from an enemy attack. Apart from emotional stress, physical stressors that can precipitate high blood pressure can include – overweight, a high salt intake, diabetes, etc. But alas, when the danger is over it is already too late; the fat deposits are already in place, never to return to where they came from. 

As we go on, I will also right here and now let you know that there is an alternative to treating or even preventing high blood pressure, to the well known pharmaceutical approach to treating and managing high blood pressure or hypertension for that matter. The popular dictum among orthodox medical practitioners is that hypertension has no cure. But I say to you – this is not true! High blood pressure or hypertension can be well prevented, managed, and even treated by the wise application of what nature has freely provided in fruits, vegetables and, or herbs, and positive mindedness, etc. Also, and very important, is that we all must have to adopt a life style (changes) behaviour or habit that promotes our health needs in this direction. By life style changes, I am referring to your nutritional behaviours as well as physical exercise.