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Monday, 17 November 2014

The Harmful Effects of Skin Bleaching

For years I have wondered why black women, especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular decide to alter their natural skin pigmentation. And then I concluded from my research that it must be a case of some sort of complex; it seems to me that so many black people and women in particular feel a sense of inferiority, and as such they would want to resort to bleaching their God given beautiful dark skin without minding the deadly consequences or attendant hazards.

The sorry side of the beginning of this ugly development is the fact that even ladies who hitherto were black beauties have on so many instances ended up becoming ugly owing to their ignorant and complex behavior that is hinged on colonial mind twist. Many women have continued to bring utter ruin to their looks and skin health through this degrading act of bleaching.

Effects of Bleaching
Very disappointing too is also the fact that even the fair skinned ladies also bleach! But you should know that whatever under which guise you hide to destroy your skin, call it toning or bleaching, they mean one and the same.