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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Natural Cures for Arthritis (2)

Having dealt with Rheumatoid Arthritis - an autoimmune disease in part one of this topic, we will now deal with the second popular grouping under which the ailment arthritis falls – Osteoarthritis. At this point it is important to note that at the extreme, arthritis could actually degenerate to a debilitating, even crippling disease. We all therefore need to take this matter very seriously experts warn. 

And so on the other side of arthritis, Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear of your cartilage; at first it will seem to affect the patient on isolated joints on only one side of the body within the adult age group of 40 and above. It is a chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joints; the most common form of arthritis occurring usually after middle age. Discomfort might also be much sometimes, but usually will not be accompanied by swelling of joints. Distress will mostly be felt around the weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees. Morning stiffness is usually very brief but not with general weakness as is the case with rheumatoid arthritis.