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Friday, 26 September 2014

The Secret to a Natural Healthy Skin

Your skin is your first and most important vehicle of personal visual impression, and not even whatever you are wearing, or saying. I have always believed that what you take into your body is more important than what you put on your skin. As such it becomes very important that we be a little more discerning and very selective regarding whatever we apply to our skin in the name of cosmetics. But even more so, should we attach a higher premium to what we consume even for the sake of looking good. 

Healthy skin makes you radiate all over

Skin health is a very vital aspect of our general health and well being that we tend to overlook most of the time. But again, even when we tend to pay attention to our skin, we often times like to over emphasise on the aspect of what we rub on instead of what we take in. When we understand that beauty in itself is actually something that stems from a well being that radiates from inside to the outwards, then we will equally begin to understand the truth about what we take in being more important than what we put on.

Tomato - skin food
My worry here is that most people tend to rely so much on the outward while neglecting the inside, and therefore spending so much time, energy and resources on creams, lotions and soaps, etc. While it is very good to want to nourish the skin by the external application of all of these ingredients, it is even more beneficial that we nourish our skin from the inside. By this I mean that we ought to be paying more attention to what we eat and drink in regards to our skin care.

Most top nutritionists will always let you know, especially our ladies that your secret to a healthy glowing skin is not in your make-up kit, but in your diet. At this point I want to emphasise on the various natural health habits we need to adopt in order to ensure a more wholesome and all round dermatological health or skin care. Suffice it to say that as usual all that we require is present in nature and around us: