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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes

I had a friend who steadily put on weight; many of those around him then thought it was a sign of good living like we used to say in Nigeria. But as he continuously grew ‘robust’, it became a thing of serious concern to some of us; it got to an extent that even I began to suspect that this sudden chubby looks of my friend was not ordinary. Our friend became so bloated that he began to heave as he breathed, especially when embarking on any little physical activities such as mere climbing of the stairs, walking, etc. But little did one know that diabetes was knocking on his door.

Because one was too inexperienced or not enlightened enough to know, I could not offer any plausible suggestion or even think anywhere near the subject of diabetes in the case of my friend. And suddenly our friend (indeed a childhood friend) began to complain of intermittent ill health. What did we observe? He, in a matter of months slimmed down to a level we had never known. They talked of mystery illness and so on, out of ignorance of course. It was after a few years that I learnt that Desmond had been diagnosed with diabetes at the time he began to experience these debilitating symptoms. And so that was why he was always having appointments with his physician.
Diabetes - photo of pancreas cut away

 I began to hear of insulin injections and the rest of it. It was the now popular blood sugar disease that had made Desmond to have that unusual weight gain, and after a little while also, developed a sudden weight loss.