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Monday, 8 September 2014

Diabetes – Penalty for Toeing the Fast Lane?

While it is known that diabetes is a disease owing to the depletion or lack of adequate supply of insulin which is the hormone secreted by the isles of Langerhans (cell clusters that form the endocrine part of this organ) in the pancreas in the human system; it is also established by medical research that it is a disease that is precipitated by the excessive presence of sugar in the blood stream. Hence once your blood sugar indicates a high level than that which is normal, it is assumed that such a one has every reason to be concerned.
As such, every effort has to be made to ensure the balancing of the said blood sugar level, that is, it must be returned to normalcy. Because diabetes has been known, or sometimes referred to as a disease of the blood sugar which is actually glucose in the blood stream, some people tend to easily think that it has to do with just the excessive consumption of sugar and, or sweet drinks such as soft drinks (minerals and malted drinks). 
Are you living on the fast lane?
Some people also want to allude to the fact that anything sweet including fruits, are among the culprits or causative agents in this disease. In as much as the excessive consumption of sugar and sweet drinks particularly is not totally healthy, it is rather a myth to think that sweet fruits are also responsible for anyone contracting diabetes. As a result of this misconception, a lot of people in this country have continued therefore to delude themselves with the notion that it is only logical that the a diseased condition of diabetes can be tackled or even reversed simply by the consumption of bitter herbs and all sort of bitter concoctions brewed by the ever rising horde of itinerant herbal medicine dealers around town.