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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

How to Prevent and Deal with Colon Cancer Naturally

Exactly four years ago a very good friend of mine died of colon cancer and I was shocked and terribly saddened at the same time. My thoughts ran haywire because I found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that a young man of 41 as he was, would come down with such a deadly illness. What could be the cause of this colon cancer, and how can one deal with it? That was the question that continued to bug my mind since then. 

In my research I have come to believe that the problem of colon cancer is not too different from the case of diabetes. I discovered that colon cancer also could be as a result of life style and dietary behaviours. And I tell you, the role of fibre in our foods is just immeasurable. Also, the damage that junk foods which include processed foods, and the unending range of unearthly coloured, tasting fizzy drinks out there remain unimaginable as well.

Broccoli - A strong anti-cancer food

When colon cancer attack sets in, it spreads so rapidly, and treatment is not very easy to cope with the deadly nature of the disease; its attack spreads mainly from the lining and glands of the large intestine and moving towards the rectum and to the entire body of the individual. In the case of Sylvester, he ‘grew old’ over night when the disease had already eaten him up before the doctors who had been wrongly treating him for pile later discovered he had colon cancer. My friend had been stooling blood.

How to prevent and deal with colon cancer naturally:

1. You should make sure you consume a great deal of whole foods or foods rich in natural fibre such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Your diet must never be completely devoid of any or a combination of these. Chiefly among these fibrous foods is broccoli which contains apart from its rich fibre, a lot of anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties also.

2. You must ensure a reduction in your consumption of red meat and processed (red) meat especially. Some of these types will include such as bacon, steak meat, harm, sausages, and beef in general. 
 3. Be mindful also of the fact that too much of fat consumption especially animal fat can be very harmful to your system. Harmful fats encourage the development of the dangerous agents that give growth to colorectal cancer, such as bile acids that pile up in the cell lining of the colon when they break down these fats.

4. Empty your bowels regularly. You can achieve this all important action by increasing the bulk or roughage in your diet. This same fibre is well obtained from bulky foods like sweet potatoes. They contain high amount of vitamin C and E, pantothenic acid and manganese. I will even suggest you consume your sweet potatoes ‘whole’, that is – with its coat or covering on if need be. There is quite a lot to benefit from that. A good bowel movement at least once every day ensures that your body, especially the colon is free from absorbing back any poisons that may form in the system.

5. You should also take a good amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet. This is to say that a fish diet is healthier compared to your red meat; oily fishes are rich in this all important food nutrient. Tuna is number one on this list apart from other equally important fish species such as – mackerel, salmon, sardines, etc. However, if you cannot get an adequate supply of these oils from your meals, then you could buy very good supplements of fish oils from your nearest natural supplement suppliers. But again I must emphasise that the issue of supplementation should be as a last resort because your regular foods remain the best and safest source of any nutrients.

6. Anti-oxidants play very important role, and as such come in so handy. I cannot just overemphasise the role of these natural body defense agents. Antioxidants will ward off the destructive impact or attack of free radicals thereby boosting your body’s immune system. Oxidation process is responsible for your immune system depletion, ageing process, cancer attacks, heart disease, and so many others. So, you need to get close to your different range of foods (especially natural) from which you can access a rich dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene and a rich blend of phyto-nutrients. You will need especially from a list or a combination of – citrus fruits, nuts, green-leafy vegetables, green tea, tomatoes, and even special oils such as olive oil and even fish oils, etc.

By Morgan Nwanguma

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