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Monday, 15 September 2014

The Food and Drink Culprits in the Diabetes Scourge

I was at a restaurant recently and as I was eating, certain things around me caught my attention and I recalled that I had seen this many times before. But this time, what I observed struck me so much in that it dawned on me that so many people are suffering from diabetes and even dying of this scourge out of absolute ignorance. 

The guy on the table at my far right was having a meal with his girl friend I guess, going by the way they were gesticulating and giggling as they ate and jested. They had both ordered each – a dish of white rice, macaroni, moi-moi, with beef, and a 50 cl bottle of cola drink! Remember that diabetes is also known in Nigerian local parlance as – the sugar disease.

Now, this is what is killing people - this enjoyment, or so they were thinking. In the first place, white rice is completely bereft of bran or fibre because as the name white rice suggests, it has been polished; and it is carbohydrate which the body will soon convert to glucose for the body to use, ditto for macaroni which is a form of pasta; it is also merely refined and processed wheat stuff. An over dose of these kinds of meals is just courting diabetes.
The content of your meal is very vital to your health
Also, moi-moi is beans product which has also been processed albeit the local way. It is not carbohydrate though, it is a source of rich plant protein, but again the outer layer or coat of the black eye pea had to be removed before ever moi-moi is produced. The outer coat which has been dislodged in the process of making moi-moi or bean pudding is fibre. This is very important to our digestive system. Many a diabetes patient will testify to you that they have not been eating enough fibre in their diets. As a result, the natural insulin forming processes in the system have been depressed and suppressed while the presence of glucose in the blood is on the over dose.

Worst of all if I should say, is that which my twosome friends used to cap up their lunch or dinner enjoyment – a big delicious drink of Cola. On its own part, the soft drink is merely composed of water, sugar – so much refined sugar, colourants, gas as well as the cola drink concentrates. The meat and stew are of course alright – no much qualms about that. But your carbohydrates ought to be the complex types, wholesome foods which also go to provide the necessary B vitamins, minerals and plant fibre.

Whole plant food is very complete & healthy

At the end of the meal my later to be acquaintances, gulped down their soda drinks and off they went. I felt very sorry that many people in our community today, be they young or old are fast replacing water with these fizzy drinks that benefit next to nothing just like this young couple did in my presence on that day. And this is the crux of the matter. Little wonder our fore bears rarely suffered from anything called diabetes in their days. Dietary patterns have since certainly changed a lot for the worse.

On few occasions I had had course to caution and advise a few whom I saw exhibiting this same habit which so many liken to enjoyment. But I wish so many will come to understand that what is killing them is what they are ‘enjoying’.

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