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Monday, 29 September 2014

Treating Headaches Naturally

Headaches are not necessarily sicknesses or diseases on their own but symptoms of underlying issues seeking attention. So many issues can be responsible for your headache ranging from malaria to stress and even toxins in the body.

Headaches could also be classified into various types ranging from the usual to one sided ones called migraines, and also tension headache, etc. In all of these, there must be a cause traceable for the headaches. Some of these numerous causative factors are such as: Allergies or sensitivities, Dental conditions, Caffeine consumption or Medication, Constipation, heavy Metal toxicity, Brain haemorrhage, Meningitis, Glaucoma, Severe trauma, Brain tumors or infection, High blood pressure, Malaria (Fever), etc.

watch what you eat

Contrary to most people’s thoughts, headaches do not necessarily originate from the head or brain but they are clear (warning) signals of some other underlining effects like I stated earlier – seeking attention. What is merely happening is that information is being carried from the originating sources along the nerves, to the spinal cord and then to the brain. 

The pain you get from your headache is just a warning signal telling you that something is wrong somewhere and that you should apply necessary measures. But without necessarily going into the boring details of the aforementioned different types of headaches and their causes, I will just delve into the ways we can administer remedy by the richly abundant means that nature has provided. 

Heavy metal pollution - bad for your health

It is always pertinent however to consult your physician when these symptoms show up, or you could take some over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, but the whole idea is for you to realise that too much over dependence on these chemical drugs have proven themselves to be highly injurious to the human system in the long run.

do not get addicted to them

While migraines can be tackled by any means that helps you to achieve relaxation, tension headaches which includes most of the types earlier mentioned, can be resolved by the following measures –

Maintaining good posture always   
                                                                                                                                                               Taking frequent breaks from whatever you are doing  
                                                                                                                                                          Cultivating the habit of Relaxation 
                                                                                                                                                                Doing simple Stretch Exercises  
                                                                                                                                                              Making use of Cold packs 
                                                                                                                                                              Occasionally taking Warm baths or Showers 
                                                                                                                                                  Cultivating the habit of Exercising regularly  
                                                                                                                                                    Enjoying Deep breathing exercises

You can also always find relief and indeed healing for your headaches through conscious life style patterns like making sure you go to bed and get out of bed the same time every day. Other methods will include other forms of exercise and relaxation, but let us still go into other tangible applications that God through the gift of nature has provided freely for us all, for healing benefits, which is through Diet and Nutrition:

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Secret to a Natural Healthy Skin

Your skin is your first and most important vehicle of personal visual impression, and not even whatever you are wearing, or saying. I have always believed that what you take into your body is more important than what you put on your skin. As such it becomes very important that we be a little more discerning and very selective regarding whatever we apply to our skin in the name of cosmetics. But even more so, should we attach a higher premium to what we consume even for the sake of looking good. 

Healthy skin makes you radiate all over

Skin health is a very vital aspect of our general health and well being that we tend to overlook most of the time. But again, even when we tend to pay attention to our skin, we often times like to over emphasise on the aspect of what we rub on instead of what we take in. When we understand that beauty in itself is actually something that stems from a well being that radiates from inside to the outwards, then we will equally begin to understand the truth about what we take in being more important than what we put on.

Tomato - skin food
My worry here is that most people tend to rely so much on the outward while neglecting the inside, and therefore spending so much time, energy and resources on creams, lotions and soaps, etc. While it is very good to want to nourish the skin by the external application of all of these ingredients, it is even more beneficial that we nourish our skin from the inside. By this I mean that we ought to be paying more attention to what we eat and drink in regards to our skin care.

Most top nutritionists will always let you know, especially our ladies that your secret to a healthy glowing skin is not in your make-up kit, but in your diet. At this point I want to emphasise on the various natural health habits we need to adopt in order to ensure a more wholesome and all round dermatological health or skin care. Suffice it to say that as usual all that we require is present in nature and around us:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What the Diabetic Needs

What the body of the diabetic lacks is just what it needs to stay healthy. Like we must have seen by now, whole foods will do a lot of good to the body; whole foods contain bran or husk, and fibre or bulk, etc. It is these basic food composites that aid the system in a perfect bowel movement thereby in addition, freeing the system of toxins, etc. This is what the body needs in order to stay free of diabetes and indeed other ailments and diseases.

Whole foods contain essential mineral called chromium, which is responsible for the secretion of insulin and other hormones in the Isles of Langerhans of the pancreas. Therefore it should be noted that unlike the bogus misconception harboured by most Nigerians, there is nothing wrong with your carbohydrate foods. But we must however, always endeavour to consume balanced diets each time. The problem, as has been pointed out earlier, is the fact that a lot of modern foods processes especially with regards to carbohydrates and sugars, have had to undergo unnecessary refinement. This is the prime conspiracy against the body in the diabetes factor.

A good digestive system puts you always in a happy glowing mood
Again, know it that nothing is ever wrong with your rice if it is brown rice, or what we refer locally as Ofada rice, and Abakiliki rice apart from the fact that you may find a few stones in it. There is nothing that is ever wrong with your wheat and wheat products if it is whole wheat that is; also, all is absolutely well with your yam, cassava and cassava products, corn, cocoyam, millet, guinea corn, etc. All of these go a long way to fight, and prevent diabetes which is fast becoming a scourge in our modern day society.

Specifically, oat is very rich in the afore-mentioned food substance – chromium. But there is a particular exotic food source that tends to harbour the highest percentage of this all important essential food element. I am referring to a plant food called Broccoli. It is a plant with dense clusters of tight green flower buds.

Monday, 22 September 2014

What the Diabetes Patient Lacks

What exactly does the diabetic lack that is causing him harm in the name of diabetes? As experts have pointed out, and I have explained before in my write-ups, the dietary pattern of the individual is the major issue here; it has to do most primarily with dietary habits. 

First and foremost, the food types that are the major concern here also are to be identified: These are usually the carbohydrate foods, and sugar drinks. The problem with the foods is not what they have in them but what they lack, ditto for the sugar drinks and sugars, as well as some forms of liquor such as beer.
Eating whole foods could save your life
The causative factors in diabetes in relation to these foods and drinks, is in what they lack basically. Like nutritionists have always asserted, refined or processed carbohydrates and sugars are the main issues. In the cause of refinement, the essential ingredients of these foods are eliminated therefore stripping the foods bare of what the body fully requires from them. For instance, Bilwa Bhanap, M.D., a researcher with the Dr. Rath Research Institute, Santa Clara, CA, says, “Though genetic factors are thought to play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes, it is more commonly linked with consuming high levels of artificial sugars”

In the process of refining these foods, they are stripped of the all important fibre. These necessary food ingredients sometimes come in the form of other descriptions: You may call it roughage, bulk, or in the case of grains – bran or husk. They are all about the same function. It is these all important food ingredients that we see in what is referred to as whole foods, e.g. whole wheat bread. It is rather not that tasty or pleasing to the taste bud, but it is what the body needs. It is the lack of these things that is causing so many people to suffer from diabetes experts say.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes

I had a friend who steadily put on weight; many of those around him then thought it was a sign of good living like we used to say in Nigeria. But as he continuously grew ‘robust’, it became a thing of serious concern to some of us; it got to an extent that even I began to suspect that this sudden chubby looks of my friend was not ordinary. Our friend became so bloated that he began to heave as he breathed, especially when embarking on any little physical activities such as mere climbing of the stairs, walking, etc. But little did one know that diabetes was knocking on his door.

Because one was too inexperienced or not enlightened enough to know, I could not offer any plausible suggestion or even think anywhere near the subject of diabetes in the case of my friend. And suddenly our friend (indeed a childhood friend) began to complain of intermittent ill health. What did we observe? He, in a matter of months slimmed down to a level we had never known. They talked of mystery illness and so on, out of ignorance of course. It was after a few years that I learnt that Desmond had been diagnosed with diabetes at the time he began to experience these debilitating symptoms. And so that was why he was always having appointments with his physician.
Diabetes - photo of pancreas cut away

 I began to hear of insulin injections and the rest of it. It was the now popular blood sugar disease that had made Desmond to have that unusual weight gain, and after a little while also, developed a sudden weight loss.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Food and Drink Culprits in the Diabetes Scourge

I was at a restaurant recently and as I was eating, certain things around me caught my attention and I recalled that I had seen this many times before. But this time, what I observed struck me so much in that it dawned on me that so many people are suffering from diabetes and even dying of this scourge out of absolute ignorance. 

The guy on the table at my far right was having a meal with his girl friend I guess, going by the way they were gesticulating and giggling as they ate and jested. They had both ordered each – a dish of white rice, macaroni, moi-moi, with beef, and a 50 cl bottle of cola drink! Remember that diabetes is also known in Nigerian local parlance as – the sugar disease.

Now, this is what is killing people - this enjoyment, or so they were thinking. In the first place, white rice is completely bereft of bran or fibre because as the name white rice suggests, it has been polished; and it is carbohydrate which the body will soon convert to glucose for the body to use, ditto for macaroni which is a form of pasta; it is also merely refined and processed wheat stuff. An over dose of these kinds of meals is just courting diabetes.
The content of your meal is very vital to your health
Also, moi-moi is beans product which has also been processed albeit the local way. It is not carbohydrate though, it is a source of rich plant protein, but again the outer layer or coat of the black eye pea had to be removed before ever moi-moi is produced. The outer coat which has been dislodged in the process of making moi-moi or bean pudding is fibre. This is very important to our digestive system. Many a diabetes patient will testify to you that they have not been eating enough fibre in their diets. As a result, the natural insulin forming processes in the system have been depressed and suppressed while the presence of glucose in the blood is on the over dose.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Diabetes – Penalty for Toeing the Fast Lane?

While it is known that diabetes is a disease owing to the depletion or lack of adequate supply of insulin which is the hormone secreted by the isles of Langerhans (cell clusters that form the endocrine part of this organ) in the pancreas in the human system; it is also established by medical research that it is a disease that is precipitated by the excessive presence of sugar in the blood stream. Hence once your blood sugar indicates a high level than that which is normal, it is assumed that such a one has every reason to be concerned.
As such, every effort has to be made to ensure the balancing of the said blood sugar level, that is, it must be returned to normalcy. Because diabetes has been known, or sometimes referred to as a disease of the blood sugar which is actually glucose in the blood stream, some people tend to easily think that it has to do with just the excessive consumption of sugar and, or sweet drinks such as soft drinks (minerals and malted drinks). 
Are you living on the fast lane?
Some people also want to allude to the fact that anything sweet including fruits, are among the culprits or causative agents in this disease. In as much as the excessive consumption of sugar and sweet drinks particularly is not totally healthy, it is rather a myth to think that sweet fruits are also responsible for anyone contracting diabetes. As a result of this misconception, a lot of people in this country have continued therefore to delude themselves with the notion that it is only logical that the a diseased condition of diabetes can be tackled or even reversed simply by the consumption of bitter herbs and all sort of bitter concoctions brewed by the ever rising horde of itinerant herbal medicine dealers around town.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Diabetes – A Problem of Changing Life Style

Diabetes no doubt is an issue of habit change. It is an issue of modern life style; it is obviously an issue of modern dietary pattern, and I dare say a major health issue resulting from contemporary western dietary orientation.

In the days of our fore fathers such health complications were never heard of. That was so because then the folks were truly people of the earth. They were very close to nature and depended on it for everything they had or did.This is very much unlike what obtains today especially in our urban settings.